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Amandala’s short dark hair and curvy body emanates, strength passion and awareness. She started her path in the healing arts as a way to self heal. She was first called to mindfulness meditation and was able to overcome her own internal struggles through the stilling of her mind. This began her on the path of exploring many other forms of healing including plant medicine and naturopathy. Amandala’s intuitive awareness and connection with the earth, herself, and the people around her makes her a natural healer. Amandala’s awareness of her body and connection with asana yoga comes through in her graceful presence and is one that she as developed as a certified yoga instructor. As a Reiki Master she is attuned to balancing the chakras and her touch is calming and energizing as her essence is felt in each caress. It is natural when in her presence to move towards a place of surrender and deep intuitive passion, allowing you to release into a space of true living.

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