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Goddess Astraea


Goddess Astraea combines her gift as an Intuitive bodyworker with her knowledge of kinesiology to address an array of conditions and imbalances that can be released through Intuitive Tantra. Her experience in Eastern and Western modalities allow for each session to be composed for the individual client needs with the intention of freeing up energy blockages. 

The goal of the Tantra Session is to awaken the Kundalini energy and begin the practice of utilizing it to regain personal power of the true self. She blends conscious breathing, guided visualization, Reiki techniques and full body integrative movements to inspire this sleeping serpent within. 

The practices that she shares with you become tools that serve you on your life path, so that the essence of life is experienced fuller and deeper. When we begin to connect with our subtle energies that lie dormant, we start to relinquish our childhood abilities to dream, to dream for and about the life that we truly desire with Divine Light  illuminating our journey. 

“He who realizes the truth of the body can then come to know the truth of the universe”


“After the awakening, the devotee lives always at the mercy of Kundalini, wafted to a new state of existence and introduced to a new world as far removed from this one of rapid change and decay as reality is from a dream” 


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