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Every now and then, there are times in life when you may feel disconnected from your true self; out of touch with your sense of purpose and excitement for being alive. It’s often a result of physical, mental, or emotional stress that accumulates and overwhelms your body’s ability to process, which can produce various physical symptoms, and obscure your happiness, vitality, and sense of fulfillment.

My passion is your well-being. I’ve been devoted to studying natural wellness techniques throughout my life, and Intuitive Tantra is such a natural extension of this passion. Our sessions will gently cleanse your mind and body of stress and tension then balance and enliven your body’s energy centers. Throughout our time together, my intention is to help you re-engage life with renewed vitality, confidence, and inspiration.

With loving attention, I create a safe, warm, welcoming space for you to take this journey with me. In this space, you may discover new aspects of yourself and reclaim those that were once lost. With gentle energetic touch and supportive guidance, you will be affirmed and encouraged to be present with who you are and who you’re striving to become. We will open and expand your heart and mind, clearing away those energies that no longer serve your well-being.

Working together through the connection we create, our sessions supercharge your natural healing ability to relax and renew yourself and envision new possibilities that are more aligned with the truth of who you are. It’s like hitting a “Reset and Recharge” button deep inside yourself. Don’t be surprised if this work brings you to places within yourself that you’ve never been to before, or perhaps that you haven’t visited in a while.

I would be deeply honored to share this loving, healing, and expansive modality with you, to join you on your ever-evolving, extraordinary life’s journey. I also work with complimentary therapies such as aromatherapy and detoxification, hydrotherapy (jetted indoor hot tub), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and high CBD (low psychoactive) cannabis. With a Zyto scanner we can scan your body and incorporate recommended essential oils into your session. The possibilities are endless. Take my hand, and let’s embark on this phase of your journey with wonder, curiosity, and an intention for your greater well-being!

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