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Relax. Connect. Experience. The word “Tantra” literally means“to weave or expand.”Tantra Yoga knows no bounds. This healing and freeing practice weaves together various techniques and teachings, expanding your potential to experience a deeper connection to yourself, others, and the universe. While the journey is endless, it will never begin if you never start. Let this be your starting point. Allow me the honor of shining light on your path. Selah is a musical cue, meaning to pause, reflect, and refresh. I offer you an opportunity to quiet the music of your life. When you re-start your music, static will diminish. Sound will be crisper than ever. Un-heard melodies will surface.
Together, we will discover what is holding you back from living life abundantly. We will pinpoint the subtle energies within the body to remove these blockages and invite spiritual growth and physical well-being. I will equip you with the tangible framework you need to begin integrating your practice into your everyday life. Within the application of your practice, you will gradually notice the unification of your spiritual and material worlds.

As a certified yogi, professional modern dancer, and wellness advocate, my individualized sessions Selah poseinclude guided physical postures w/ fluent transitions, breath-work, meditation, release technique, Ayurveda, aromatherapy, sensory touch, and more. My approach is symbiotic between body and spirit- encouraging full immersion while maintaining a strong emphasis on safe, progressive, and dynamic anatomical practice.

Your Tantra practice will enable you to live the abundant life you are searching for, achieve your goals, deepen your relationships, and offer access to unwavering peace and joy. Tune in to who you are at your core by bringing your strengths and weaknesses to the surface. Release what is not serving you, connect to what drives you, and experience your raw, intimate being. Selah.

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