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Life is a magical gift given to us so that we can experience the balance of the spiritual and the physical. When we claim that balance, we have the capability to experience & feel life & self to the fullest.

I am Goddess Syrene. ‎I aim to assist the beings of the universe in bringing passion& feeling into life by expanding the balance of spiritual & physical. I hope to help people progress toward their greatest potential and help them embrace who they truly are.

We are here to experience life! We are here to feel and be passionate. We are here to progress. Many times that requires that we experience painful, hard or intense moments and though those moments may cause spiritual, emotional or sometimes physical wounds, we always have the power to heal. Healing is an ability that no one can take away from us. So heal, progress, expand!

As a Goddess who has jumped head first into the healing process of my deepest, darkest, most painful wounds, I can tell you that healing & progression is the hope in every aspect of life. Healing can transform your horizons from gray to gold and your life from hard to easy. It can open the door to seeing your true free self and embracing every part of you so that you can live life to the fullest!

I run an Energetic Healing Business for which I intuitively work with different forms of energetic healing. Each form of healing has its place. I have decided to incorporate Tantra because of the beautiful empowering healing capabilities that it holds. What I love about Tantra is that it’s a way to balance energies that expand the capacity of passion and feeling. It embraces your personal path and it embraces you. Breath, feel, embrace, awaken! Bring yourself to life! Be as alive as you can be! Empower your potential and embrace your authentic self.

In a Kundalini Tantra Session, I use slight touch and energetic movement to clear chakras and to awaken the kundalini energy flow. Tantra has amazing healing benefits for sexual restriction and sexual issues but please remember that Tantra is simply a form of healing with the purpose of balancing energy so that you can physically heal and feel better. I work professionally and solely for the purpose of healing. I will never pass legal professional conduct.

As you come for a session with the intention of healing, I welcome you into my dedicated sacred healing space. I take great care into making the space a welcoming, calming, safe space where you can feel comfortable awakening energies, healing wounds, clearing energy and finding soul progression. I aim to find the most gentile and efficient ways to help you heal and progress on your own personal soul path.

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