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Goddess Astraia


Astraia is a complementary care provider who enjoys creating a safe place for personal growth. Her treatment modalities include the many facets of holistic wellness by addressing the Spirit, the Mind, and the Body. One of her core beliefs is that a healthy relationship with our own bodies and our unique sensual identity is integral to a fulfilling life. Whether your goal is to overcome specific challenges, become a better partner, or just connect with yourself, there’s a sacred space provided for you.

The energetic approaches include Emotional Freedom Technique, Kundalini breathwork, shamanic Reiki, crystal chakra clearing, Intuitive touch, and metaphysical wellness coaching. Each modality is designed to facilitate clients’ progress toward greater self-awareness and more authentic manifestations of personal truth.

Bodywork modalities are guided primarily by Chinese medicine meridian theory and Ayurvedic chakra theory. Techniques like acupressure, gua sha, cupping therapy, and facial meridian rejuvenation offered. Bodywork modalities are employed to provide energetic detoxification, which can lead to diminished pain and decreased stress.

Modern society has done an excellent job of alienating us from our sensuality. Kundalini breathwork helps to anchor or Root Chakra energies.  Focusing on our bodies, our breath, and the flow of energy through our chakras can help release traumas and reconnect us to a healthy expression of our most instinctual desires. This kind of sensual self-discovery can be beneficial to men, women, couples, new parents, and anyone interested in learning to be cherished through touch and meditation.

Astraia is open to people from all walks of life. All sexual and gender orientations are welcome. Just be willing to put your efforts toward development and get ready to discover the liberated, confident self you’ve always wanted to be.

Her most fervent wish is to help her clients discover their own innate majesty and to facilitate the energetic support and balance that are essential to true health and wellness.

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