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Hello Denver!

Greetings! I am Helena, and I am so excited that you happened upon my page. My interest in the healing arts began several years ago, which has led me to study different modalities, including the far eastern modalities of Reiki and Tantra. There is much in this world that can stifle our creativity and sensuality, over time, if left untreated. Our inability to fully express ourselves on these levels can leave us with the feeling that a critical part of who we are has died, which can eventually become our reality.

My interest in Intuitive Tantra centers around my desire to guide you in reconnecting with that lost energy, and to reawaken your spirit to live as you are intended.  It will be my privilege to help to facilitate a deeper discovery of self through the experience of non-sexual Intuitive Tantra.   With me, you will experience a safe-haven where breathwork and the experience of Tantra can help revive your spirit in a way that will leave you feeling refreshed and re-energized.  I welcome males, females, and couples in a judgment-free zone. Call to book an appointment with me today. I truly look forward to our time together!

“…if divinity, which is the goddess, is intrinsic to her being, something she caries around with her all the time, something she is, then her status in general shifts. Then one would need to be vigilant, constantly maintaining an attitude of listening to her, as ordinary woman, which affords a shift in the normative discourse between the genders and that allows for a recognition of her as a subject, as a person to whom one should listen.”
Loriliai Biernacki, Renowned Goddess of Desire: Women, Sex, and Speech in Tantra

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