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Tantra is everything. Tantra means “to weave”. In Sanskrit, the term is derived from two words: tanoti, which means “to stretch” or “to expand” and trayati, which means “liberation”. It is what we live for, it’s what we dream of. It’s the full expression of our soul. This space where you can let go of what others say you are and fully embrace the radiance of your essence. The space where miracles reside. As we have learned from quantum physics, yoga, meditation and Mother Nature, it all begins within. As easy as this sounds, you may very well know that this inward journey is not an easy one as the ego tries to distract us to look to the external.
  I am called to this work because I believe that we are all beautiful light beings. We can get lost in a world of judgement from social conditioning, social media and even family dynamics. We have never actually seen ourselves, only reflections of ourselves. We learn about ourselves through the eyes of others, through their own eyes of pain and suffering.
      Tantra is designed to give you a space of pure love, honor and respect to explore your sensuality(aka essence, higher self, your truth). Many westerners have associated Tantra to sex; although this practice can enrich and bring a deeper intimacy to your sex life, there are many more benefits. For many of us, we have learned about sex through porn and we have brought shame upon our bodies and made it dirty through religion. The truth is that whether there is a partner or you are single, Tantra is a direct connection to source energy, that connects us all. What you have been looking for has been within You this whole time.
       When should one seek a Tantra session?
When you are feeling disconnected from your true self. If you feel like something is missing and you can’t find  fulfillment. I work with those who are ready to look within for their answers. I want to give you the tools from this ancient art to expand your consciousness, to shift your reality. When you shift the spiritual, it’s shifts the physical. This intuitive work is my passion and purpose. My learning and expansion continues to grow. As I learn, I add in different healing modalities into the sessions.
     If you are ready, let’s connect through spirit to the healing planet, to the light source energy ( Christ consciousness, pure love and forgiveness) open up sacred space and let the experience be what it will be for you in that moment in time. Each session is unique to the person, to where you are on your path.
    The first session is designed to build trust and give you an idea of what Tantra is, from that it will customize and evolve. My hope is that this will empower you to have the tools you need to navigate through life’s many twists and turns. We can not control our environment but we can control our breath and how we respond. Pure love and light to you my brothers and sisters.

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