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***Please allow no less than 2hrs prior to session start time.

Hello and welcome to the beautiful healing sanctuary of Goddess Nemianar. Here you will be met with open arms as we safely journey together using healing music and tantric based techniques to aid you in relaxing and restoring your sense of balance.

As your Intuitive Tantra Practitioner I will gently guide you through breathe work as your body starts to release toxins that have been stored throughout. Our bodies are great indicators of when we need healing you may experience sluggishness, body aches, anxiety, the inability to not focus and so much more.
Tantra allows you to connect to joy, pure bliss and ecstasy in the body. As your body begins to awaken through the Kundalini Energy (Energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine) your Chakras (Energy wheels located throughout the body) become fully charged. As your body awakens negative energy blockages are removed and your body prepares you to experience pleasure and harmony.
As we journey together on your new path of transformation you can be assured that you will be met with openness and a pure desire to help you attain your highest self. With each session your body will continually purge those things that no longer serve you. You will find that you will start to feel lighter, and to embrace the things in life from a different perspective.
I work with the Tantra and Kundalini energy which can be of a sexual nature. These particular energies aid in your bodies cleansing removing blockages of the mind, body and spirit. By removing these blockages you may be able to experience a better and enhanced sex life. For men this is especially true if you suffer from Impotence or Pre-Mature Ejaculation. For women you may find yourself experiencing deeper and full body orgasms in your private life. These sessions are especially helpful for those couples looking to take their sex life to another level. These sessions are incredibly sensual for couples and teaches them new techniques to increase intimacy.
As your Professional Intuitive Tantra Practitioner I will not be partaking in any sexual activities or aiding in your release. Please do not ask. The relationship between Goddess and Client/Clients is a sacred one please be respectful of that.
I welcome everyone to experience their true selves, I work with the LGBT community, men, women and couples. I look forward to assisting you become the very best you!


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