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Greetings bright star!

I am Goddess Artemis. I am a Connection Catalyst. I am here to facilitate your connection to the world as a safe and empowering place to manifest your greatest happiness. Fear is a necessary element of the human experience. However, you can learn to go towards you fear and break through it as you create your life rather than react to it.

When you are connected to your unique gifts of your essence, the path of your truest desires unfolds effortlessly before you. I am a passionate trail blazer on a mission to help restore you to your rightful power and joy. Balancing the divine masculine and feminine energy within you is crucial to your success and happiness in life. Through chakra cleansing and chi harnessing I will help you understand and access both your assertiveness (yang) and your receptivity (yin). You can take the techniques you learn during our sessions into your life as you embrace new opportunities for growth and experience ease and flow through any challenges.  

I work shamanically with the assistance of my ancestors spirit guides and angels. Prophecy, poetry, music, magic and healing are some of my gifts. Your session will include a lovely combination of sensual massage, song and sound healing, divination and mantra integration. I will call on the wisdom of Nature to deepen your connection with yourself, the earth, and your ability to be happy and free.   

Should you crave more extensive guidance and communication around specific issues you are dealing with, my work as an empowerment coach, astrologer and Egyptian tarot card reader serve as wonderful compliments our Intuitive Tantra services.

Limitless love,

Goddess Artemis

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