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Goddess Kau’i



Anoʻai a me he mai, he mana wahine Kau’i o wau. Greetings and welcome, I am Goddess Kauʻi. It is my humble honor and pleasure to guide and assist you on a journey to awaken your authentic highest self. Allowing you to access endless potential on multiple levels of your being. I am able to provide you with the necessary tools to heal, release, process, and continue forth as a whole vibrating light being.

Born and raised in Paradise on Earth, on Moku ‘O Keawe Hawai’i. Therefore the foundation and essence of my healing practice is deeply rooted in Hawaiʻi. Born from mutliple lineages of Kahuna whose knowledge has been passed down through my ʻohana (family) to myself. I have been trained by my Kupuna (family elders) and Kumu (teachers) in traditional Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian) Healing and Spiritual practices. It is through this ancestral knowledge that I am able to be the guiding lamakū (light) for others. Utilizing this knowledge to attain and access the full realization of your authentic self.

My use of Hoʻomana (Energy Work), Mana ʻUhane (Spiritual Power), Hoʻoponopono (Reconciliation and Forgiveness), and Lomi (Massage) allow me to help heal and bring back into balance your four aspects of self. Bringing forth the true meaning of Aloha within yourself to increase and expand your personal Mana (Power). Focusing upon all aspects of self; spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical to ensure optimum realization of your highest self. I continue to elevate and expand my knowledge base through study of other disciplines and practices. By combining Kanaka Maoli practices with other indigenous spiritual and healing practices, I am able to intuitively assist you in opening numerous pathways. I am ever grateful to be the messenger and vessel of healing for you, myself, my community and global community.

In your Non Sexual Tantric Sessions with me, we will explore together opening and attaining your personal pathway to your Kundalini Energy.  I will guide you through a combination of Kanaka Maoli practices, breathing techniques, meditations, and movement specifically designed for connecting and amplifying your Chakras. Through these techniques we are able to clear blockages and release emotional, mental, and spiritual trauma or experiences. By effectively clearing and releasing we are able to realign your Chakras. Once your Chakras are aligned and your energy is flowing, true healing begins. It is at this time we begin the journey to awaken and harness your Kundalini Energy. Your Kundalini Energy is your source of life force, your chi, your pranic energy, or your Mana.  Through exploration of further techniques we are able to activate and awaken your Kundalini Energy within to reach your own personal spiritual enlightenment, consciousness, and healing. In achieving whole and pure healing you are able to open a spiritually connection of enlightenment for self. Kundalini Energy also allows you to reach the highest heights of sensuality, once achieved you are to share and explore with your partner. Bringing forth the ultimate sensual bliss for self and your partner.

Are you ready to join me on this journey to find yourself? To find your Mana and Kundalini Energy within? I am here, ready and waiting to guide and assist you in your journey.

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