Hello and welcome to the beginning of your Tantra experience. I am Goddess Aya!  It is my honor to show you that your divinity and truth is defined by you and no one else. So often we look outside of ourselves for the answers when really they are on the inside. This truth is what has led me to the Tantra community. We can express this truth physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally boundlessly!

In your session with me, you can expect to learn how to use your own breathe to center yourself and relax. We will journey together through the rhythms of your energy and body as you discover deeper parts of yourself. When we connect with ourselves more compassionately and drop judgments, we end up doing the same in our relationships. You will learn to let go, be more comfortable in your body over time, and cultivate more love in your mind, body, and spirit!

I have a background in Eastern & Western Modalities. I have worked with people from all walks of life. I am able to support the individual who is just curious about Tantra and also the person who is a survivor of sexual trauma.

In your sessions I will use a combination of Reiki, guided meditation, and unconditional positive regard as I hold space for your personal self-discoveries. I can also provide a more Shamanic experience including cacao ceremony upon request.

I work with individuals and couples to assist in expanding your capacity for love, self-acceptance, compassion, and sacred sensuality. I look forward to witnessing your beautiful journey!  

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