ATLANTA TANTRA | Goddess Raven

Goddess Raven
Hi, my name is Raven, and I am pleased to align my energy with yours. I invite you to surrender and receive | two vulnerable yet empowering states to be in.
I’m exploring tantra as a tangible way to ignite self-soothing and healing for myself and clients.  While meditating on my sacral chakra I was guided to dive further into the sexual and creative energy that it harnesses. By doing so, I’ve learned that our bodies have all of what we need to heal, including the kundalini energy that we will flirt with and welcome into the session.
Through meditation, conscious breathing and being present in our bodies, we can deeply open to the experience of life rather than being trapped in the mind.
As an Intuitive Tantra practitioner, which is a non-sexual modality, I am able and willing to assist and inspire your journey of tantra using sensuality to bring heightened awareness.
Our sessions will take place in a safe, quaint space right outside of the city where you can relax and be in touch with your true self through the experience of sensuality, breath work, and meditative connection. I invite you to my space where it is about your wellness, your release, your enlightenment 😉
I work with men, women, couples, and the LGBTQ community.
I am also trained in neck and back massage; and I look forward to bringing in the art of touch, the softness of intention, and more knowledge of the body into our sessions!

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