Benefits of Tantra for Couples


Being human it is our nature to desire for more intimacy and connectivity in our relations. Moreover, we are also appealed to spiritual and scared connections. Individuals from all age groups, sexual orientation, and genders are always finding the place where they can connect with their spirit, their mind and their body. Tantra is a call for all those who wish to deepen their relationships with their partners, with themselves and with other around them. 

In this technologically run world, we perform most of our communications through tech gadgets because partners are busy in their full time jobs and most of the communication is limited to parenting needs, this is the point where most of the couples drift apart. At that point Tantra drifts in to rejuvenate the passion, to ignite the new bond and to let the partners realize about why they are being in relation and why they have decided to share their lives.

Tantra helps the couples by means of equipping them with simple concepts and techniques, which can be practiced in a daily life by partners to be connected on much deeper level and this open up new ways to be in relation with more passion, care, and to build productive intentions. Being as Tantra practicing couple, the way you explored the sexuality changes, you start build a soulful relationships with your lives and with each other, you start experiencing the feelings of oneness, you explore the ways to your spiritual journey, and last but not the least you utilize your inner potentials to be a better human. 

How it works?

The Tantric treatment helps to unfold the blocked energies all over the body and awaken the KUNDALINI. Kundalini is a mythological energy that rest at the bottom of spine, when awaken it spreads out along the spine throughout the body and let both partners to acquire sacred sensuality levels.

Those sacred sensuality levels are followed up different movements and using various massages at specific points but to learn this art the presence of experienced tantric professional is must. At   Intuitive Tantra” couples are offered with guided massage sessions by Tantric professionals who are practicing this art for more than a decade. These Tantric massages for couples trigger the dormant energy fields within their bodies and as a result these energy fields help the couples to unite in an ecstatic way, releasing down the physical/mental pain trapped inside their bodies because the Tantric way of treatment reaches down to the spiritual parts where an ordinary massage cannot. 

Benefits of Tantra for couples

Although for tantric couples the benefits (both physical and mental) of Tantric massage are countless but the most significant benefits includes,

  • It relieves down the stresses
  • It allows the couples to make thoughtful and conscious use of their personal spaces 
  • It boost up the immune system as a result of antibodies or immunoglobulin development in higher rates
  • It helps to burn extra calories
  • It helps to become more personally empowered and fulfilled
  • Improved blood circulation levels
  • It helps in strengthening of muscles
  • And last but not the least it offers more better detoxification


Tantric ways provide directions for more joyful, passionate, and thoughtful lives in today’s hectic world for couples. Moreover, Tantra massages for couples under the direction of experienced tantric professional with help you equip with tools and concepts that you can practice in your daily lives for improved and passionate lifestyle.


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