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Meditation and Root Chakra

By Goddess Ashira  Meditation and Root Chakra
 Meditation and Root Chakr
In our frantic modern world, meditation is becoming more and more popular as people search for ways to relax, de-stress, accelerate their spiritual development and enhance their quality of life. meditation and root chakra
The words hold so much power and combined with the receptive relaxed state, guided meditation can create dramatic change in one’s life.
Meditation is an incredibly enjoyable, healthy and inspiring way to achieve inner peace, and guided meditations are, quite simply, the easiest way to meditate.
Traditional unguided meditation techniques, while wonderful in their own way, do require some effort on your part. It’s your job to keep your mind focussed and as clear as possible. In the midst of the business of the day it could be really hard to relax and let go of thinking. By employing touch, sound, smell and overall calm ambience, tantric meditation is much easier way to access this state of deep relaxation that leads to bliss.
While you are in this deeply relaxed state of mind, your subconscious is open to positive suggestions, and your guide will use this time to take you on an inner journey that is designed to improve one or more aspects of your life. For example, a guided meditation might be tailored towards personal empowerment and positive thinking. Another might focus on emotional healing or spiritual development. You might be taken on a guided journey to unleash your full potential, or you may choose to go on a guided meditation journey simply for the sheer pleasure of experiencing profoundly deep relaxation.
As you can now see, a guided meditation can be an experience that is not only relaxing, but one that enhances your sense of self, that transforms your perspective in positive ways, and that inspires you to live your life to the fullest.
It’s an effortless and very enjoyable experience that results in deep relaxation, elimination of stress and a heightened appreciation of life.
Come to one of my sessions to experience a deeply nurturing, grounding and transformational experience! Looking forward to seeing you and meanwhile here is my gift to you.

Kundalini Energy for Manifestation of Intention

By Enoch Tan

Kundalini Energy is one of the most underutilized energies for manifesting prosperity. This energy when focused correctly can be used to bring love, light, prosperity and even Spirit into your life. Kundalini is the sacred life force of ethereal fire within you that moves through your chakra system. When you channel Kundalini, you can imbue power into your manifestation of desires. Remember that prosperity is an energy itself and the energy of Kundalini can be converted into the energy of prosperity in reality.

The physical dimensional planes were first constructed in order to give us a single moment of awareness. Prior to this, God and We (as an extension of our creator,) experienced all things in totality. The physical planes with their time and space qualities, gave God, as well as all other souls, an opportunity to experience a single moment, of anything. When we look at a blooming rose, we see the beauty of it in that single moment instead of experiencing all it ever was, all it is and all it will ever be.

What a gift! How excited souls were to first experience this wonderful gift. Souls found that incarnating on physical planes also gave them a rare opportunity to isolate and engage their spiritual growth, learning and experience. It was never conceived by our creator that our free will, so generously given, would extend to harming or hurting one another. In God, there is no consciousness of sin. There is only perfection. We are all here to experience who we really are in this world. Who we really are is God in form.

Soon souls got lost in the wheel of Karma, and forgot who they were, lifetime after lifetime of paying debts. Yet man was never supposed to experience physical life detached from their source. God did give us free will, but God never sent souls to the physical plane without a lifeline. We are always connected to God,The Source, even though we may lose awareness of that connection. Being more connected to God means being more aware.

Gaining awareness is the path of spirituality and life progress

Just as a baby is first connected to and nourished by his mother through the umbilical, each soul is connected to their creator through a similar energy cord, which raises the Kundalini, and can be just as nourishing. Kundalini is your life-blood connection to the creation of your physical experience. Without it, you wander through physical reality a victim, instead of a creator of your own destiny. You create your reality with the power of Kundalini. It is the Source Energy from which all things flow and consist.

The fact that sex is such an electrical surge of energy, both inwardly and outwardly, should be of some note. How could anyone not realize that all the energy expelled during sex actually had another purpose other than release? You can use sexual energy to create magic in your life.

Kundalini is sexual energy. It is the driving force of all life and achievement. It is what motivates us to be, do and have anything we desire. All successful people have their sexual energy channeled in some way towards goals. Electrical magnetism and that which creates physical attraction is the pull of your Kundalini Energy. How sad it is that many people on the planet spend their entire sexual experiences, and their lives, without ever raising their Chi, or without ever touching the divine.

Kundalini Energy is meant to be used as a pass key to Heaven. It is the method to reconnect with our creator. Spiritual energy and sexual energy are actually the same energy in different slightly different forms. More of it means more of life. The huge burst of energy expelled during sex is electromagnetically charged enough to pass through the spiritual planes, connect with your higher self and on a very real level, plan the remainder of your life.

People with a desire for life are the ones that thrive and have a future. Those who lose their sexual drive are the ones that lose further grip on life and all that it contains. The key to living life to the fullest and attaining your dreams and desires is to enjoy living and doing what you love. Life attracts more life.

When you learn to raise this energy with a sex partner, it takes it to a whole new level, and can be a very powerful manifesting tool by attaching a thought to the energy just before its release, or just before you orgasm. The Druids called this Sex Magic, and it can be very powerful, especially if you and your partner attach the same thought. Your thoughts have power to manifest when they are clothed with emotion. Kundalini, sexual energy, desire and life force are one. Use this along with intent.

It is also possible to raise it through meditation, without a partner and without sex. When the pathways along your spine are clear and the Kundalini can move through your body without being blocked, health quickly follows. To do this, you need to remove emotional blockages that prevent the energy from flowing freely through you.

Every blockage in each of the centers prevents energy from flowing freely to the other centers. The aim is to create space. Space is the primary requisite for building power.
In addition, when you raise the Kundalini, you connect both with your oversoul, your creator and your soul mate. This energy heals the connections with each of the above, and brings a joining of all of these parts of you. There is no better way to bring a soul mate into your life! Also, if you can raise your Kundalini, you most likely will be broadcasting it on a subconscious level, and find you suddenly become very much in demand with the others. This is the pull of Kundalini energy. It is attraction energy.

4 Main Benefits Of Tantra Massages On Your Body And Mind

Tantra is more a sort of spiritual formulation to several aspect of life, including sex, body, and mind relaxation and a few more. Its history is very long:  first originating in India, tantra is today popular also in western countries. What’s important to know about tantra is that it’s more likely to be an ensemble of different ways to approach life, so you can find tantra exercises for you body as well as tantra massages that help you find your ideal condition of wellness.

Energy-based Tantra Bodywork To Keep In Good Shape

Modern people struggle to find their emotional balance: life tasks are often too complicated or too many and this leads to stress, disappointment and fatigue, not only from a physical point of view but also from a mental point of view. That’s where tantra massages can come really helpful to rescue energy and make everything work in the best way.

So, let’s see here the main benefits of tantra massages:tantra massage

  1. Relaxation: human beings need to reach relaxation in order to accomplish all of their daily life duties. Hand-based massages can stimulate precise points of the body that can re-activate their inner energy.

  2. Healing effects: tantra massages is also proven to bring evident healing effects to everyone. All forms of massages are, somehow, therapeutic. Tantra principles ensure a high-level healing which eliminates certain forms of diseases, like blockages that are responsible for lack of vitality, youthfulness and energy.

  3. From a psychological point of view, tantra massages can help find own self-confidence and emotional balance. Often times people live under the weight of stressful situations: tantra massages are proven to awake personal outcomes and improve self-confidence.

  4. Healing of sexual dysfunctions: we all know that the Indian culture has a very long tradition in sexual remedies. Well, tantra massages are undoubtedly an effective solution to release sexual blockages and awaken sexual energy.

Mind Relaxation In Your Free Time

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Why Are Tantra Techniques Used For Relaxation?

Always living in the present day, people in the western countries have begun to feel the need to find their time and relax their body and mind. This situation facilitated the diffusion of tantric techniques in the rest of the world, as well. The fact is that tantric massages activate certain body points that under stimulation can, on their turn, activate mind centers and help release the tension.

Another excellent reason why tantra is having such a large diffusion and success even outside the Indian culture is because of its benefits on senses. One of the goals of tantric massages is to create balance between body and mind and between each single person and the entire universe. According to the oriental philosophy, the human soul risks being lost without correct balance between body and mind.

Love is another pillar of the Indian culture: so , expect that tantra can help you re-discover how to love and how to handle feelings, love stories and passion. Thanks to specific techniques, tantra opens for you new "doors" to the creation of many new possibilities that most people still ignore and that can allow you to live in a happy way, forgetting blockages and negative feelings, while enjoying the freedom of soul every time that you feel loved and you feel to love someone.

Energy Healing 101: Pranic, Tantric, and Reiki

By Arjan Van Hemert

If you’re seriously interested in knowing about Energy Healing, you need to think beyond the basics. This informative article takes a closer look at things you need to know about Energy Healing.

You have probably come across exotic-sounding terms such as “chakra”, “prana”, “aura”, and “tantra” in your course of reading books on spirituality, sex, and healing in the New Age literature section of the bookstore. But what’s the real scoop behind these exotic vocabularies?

Are All Energy Healings the Same?

Chakra or energy center is a term used in Pranic healing, an ancient Hindu system of energy healing. “Prana” means life energy. “Aura” is another terminology traced to Pranic healing. Aura is a non-physical body that consists of energy, which exists along with our physical body. The aura that covers our body is said to have seven layers pertaining to the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of an individual as manifested by energy. Studying the color and thickness of auras give ideas on the state of health of individuals. Six colors are associated with aura and interpreted into six personalities. These colors are all present in an individual but one or two are more pronounced

Green – ambitious achiever

Blue – spiritual peacemaker

White – unconventional chameleon Red – activist

Orange – creative communicator

Violet – psychic

Although Tantra is popularly associated with the peculiar practice of sex and spirituality, it is another method of energy healing. It comes from the word “tan” which means to spread or expand. The concept of connectedness is a recurring theme in Tantric writings on sex and spirituality. As a method of healing, spirituality and sex figure prominently. It is presupposed that the union of man and woman can reach spiritual levels during orgasm, which removes the body and mind off collected impurities. These impurities being negative energies can in turn manifest as physical illnesses.

Unlike Pranic and Tantric healings, which have Hindu origins, Reiki originated from Japan. It is relatively younger than Pranic and Tantric healings having been rediscovered in the early 1900’s. Reiki stands for universal energy, an energy brought forth by higher intelligence. Students of Reiki are taught how to tap this energy to heal physical, emotional, and mental illnesses.

Although Pranic, Tantra, and Reiki are all systems of energy healing, they differ in the type of energy tapped for healing: life energy, sexual energy, and universal energy respectively.

The concepts of the connectedness of mind, body, and spirit; the connection of individuals to all living and nonliving things around them and to the universe; and how energy impacts physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being are some of the salient similarities of these three healing methods.

Why Do People Turn to Energy Healing?

The best time to learn about Energy Healing is before you’re in the thick of things. Wise readers will keep reading to earn some valuable Energy Healing experience while it’s still free.

Pranic, Tantric, and Reiki are considered alternative methods of healing. In spite of the availability and relative accessibility of modern medicine, how come more and more people are being drawned to them? Here are some possible reasons:

· Energy healing worked where modern medicine failed.

For several reasons both explainable and unexplainable, modern medical treatment failed to heal ailments and conditions in several if not many persons. Research or data may not be able to support this statement. But for the families of the dying as well as for the dying patient, they would take the risk of using alternative methods ranging from herbals and organics, faith healers, witch doctors, and New Age healing techniques just to be get well.

· People perceive modern medicine to be isolating.

Medical treatments are oftentimes focused on the disease and its causative agent, which can make a patient feel isolated and treated like a mere host of the disease. Although recent developments in hospital practice are gradually promoting the holistic treatment of a patient, the perception still persists. Unlike in energy healing, since energy and spirituality are intimately linked, the patient feels that all aspects of his health are being attended to.

· Energy healing is non-obtrusive and natural thus it is safer.

Repeated surgical procedures are physically and emotionally traumatic for most patients. It is but a logical and attractive option to both patient and families to look for less stressful health interventions. Moreover, with the rising popularity of New Age religions, going natural is the way to go.

· Energy healing is a good way of relieving stress.

Meditation is part and parcel of energy healing methods and this is an added come-on for highly stressed people. Moreover, sophisticated equipment is not required thus it becomes all the more convenient for students and future students of energy healing.

The battle between alternative healing and mainstream medicine continues as both present the benefits of their approach. But in the final analysis, what matters is the restoration of good health.

Sometimes it’s tough to sort out all the details related to this subject, but I’m positive you’ll have no trouble making sense of the information presented above.

Couple’s Workshop in Euguene 9/20/16

Couple’s Heart Activation Workshop

with Goddess Kanixa

When: September 24, 2016

Where: Injoy Wellness Center  775 Monroe St. Eugene, OR 97402

Time: 2:00pm-6:00pm

Join us for this heart opening couples workshop!

You will experience connection, rejuvenation, peace, love and bliss along this journey with your beloved at your side. This Workshop will include a sacred Cacao Ceremony, guided meditation, tantric breath work, sensual touch with your partner, Thai massage and Ecstatic Dance! The Intuitive Tantra techniques are sensual yet non-sexual allowing you to explore the sweetness of sensual intimacy to deepen your heart connection with your beloved from a pure space. Reignite passion within your relationship, explore new ways to see the beauty within yourself and your beloved, and feel joy flowing throughout your entire being.

This is a NON-sexual Tantra workshop, also known as White Tantra techniques. During this workshop your heart will be activated by love and bliss to allow you to connect deeper with your beloved. Enter a space of peace, healing and purity to explore new ways to see the beauty within yourself and in your love. This is a safe space to express genuine loving touch and connection with your partner. Learn to value sensual touch and the power of breathing with your love as one, gazing into each others eyes and feeling sweetness flowing between your hearts.

Come ready to play, enter Zen, awaken your heart, to flow and celebrate the union of you and your beloved!

Ceremonial grade Cacao from Ecuador will be lovingly brewed along with herbs from the Eugene local Bohemian Apocethary and the Penetrate the Heart Elixir from Five Flavor Herbs.

Penetrate the Heart Information:
Enhances amorous feelings while supporting a healthy digestive and cardiovascular system.

Ingredients: Chinese Hawthorn fruit [Shan Zha], Damiana aerial parts, Elderberry fruit, Horny Goat Weed aerial parts [Yin Yang Huo], Bitter Orange fruit [Zhi Shi], Albizia julibrissin flower [He Huan Hua], Cacao seed, Cardamom seed, Grain and/or Cane Alcohol, Water, Vegetable Glycerin.

The Thai Massage portion will be lead by my beloved Thomas Moore before we end with a fun free flowing Ecstatic Dance.
Wear something comfortable and loose fitting. Please note: nudity is NOT allowed at this event. However, wearing a Sarang, swim suit top and bottoms, crop top is okay for the ladies! Bring a bottle of water plus 1-2 blankets and pillows to create a comfy space for you and your beloved.

Ticket info: The price per couple is $333
*This pays for you and your beloved partner’s admission to the workshop (total of 2 people).

We have room for 6 lovely couples to join us! That is a total of 12 people only. 🙂

LGBT Couples are welcome here!

Chakras, Kundalini, Tantra and Mantra

Chakras, Kundalini, Tantra and Mantra

by Ujjwal Dey

There have been so many messengers from the East to the West. Yet all their ancient wit and wisdom gets lost in translation. For example, now Americans want to throw out Yoga from schools and communities claiming it promotes Hinduism and pagan behaviour. Meditation is being ostracized for taking Americans away from Jesus Christ.

Well first of all Yoga was and is always promoted as a Science. Okay it is not meeting the exact parameters of Western allopathy. But it is a Science of Indian culture. Secondly, Hinduism is not a religion. There is no single Holy Book in Hinduism. There are 4 Vedas, dozens of Upanishads and Puranas, people chant Bhagvad Gita and Ramayana also for enlightenment. And Vedas don’t say every answer is in it. Instead Vedas is the only Holy text in world’s religions which says that the text is meant for beginners only and the student needs to go beyond all these texts. There is no single God for Hindus. There are many Gods, then there are demi-gods, saints, sages, rishis, avatars, angels, god-men, etc. Hindus don’t have a single universal method of worship nor a single universal prayer. There are innumerable Mantras, chants, Bhajans, devotional songs, sayings, prayers which are different for different Gods, prayers which differ for the same God in different regions of India. Ganesha is worshiped differently in Maharashtra from Tamil Nadu state worshipers. Shiva is different for North India whereas in South India he is Dakshineshwar. Hanuman is popular with North India. Krishna popular in Western states of Guajarat and Rajasthan. Durga is worshipped in Gujarat but her different version called Kali is worshipped in East in Bengal. Vishnu is not Rama or Krishna in Tamil Nadu. Some Hindus are pure vegetarians. Some eat meat. Bramhins in Bengal and Kerala eat meat and offer it to the Gods as well. Aghori sect which eats human meat from dead bodies in cremation grounds are also Hindus.

So Hinduism is not at all a religion. It is a way of life.

There are not just 6 or 12 Chakras. There are numerous chakras because these are nerve centers which influence your body, mind and soul. The 6 Chakras from bottom of spinal cord to the medulla oblangata are more significant than the many others in between the same distance. Below the spine are the chakras that give us animal behaviour. Spinal cord onwards we have chakras that elevate us from animal to human to God consciousness.

Kundalini need not be activated by some special exercise or some Siddh Guru. Some great men and women have active Kundalini from birth itself. Some acquire it without pursuing it because of their good Karma and innate spiritual nature. An atheist may also have an active Kundalini because it is a factual property in the human body and not something esoteric attained by soliciting favours from some specific God. Yoga and Vedic practices done knowingly or un-knowingly will lead to such Kundalini Awakening in any human person of any belief or race.

Mantras need to be pronounced specifically and loudly so that they effect your surrounding atmosphere. Just as certain noises irritate us and certain noises are music for us. Similarly, Mantras are powerful words, which pronounced correctly and loudly change the person and his surroundings.

Tantra is the very physical practice of all the above along with divine witness such as fire and/or water.
Find out more at


Train with Goddess Kanixa

Goddess Kanixa is native to Dallas Texas and is now an Intuitive Tantra Practitioner in Eugene Oregon. Kanixa has dedicated her life to serving humanity, primarily through the Healing Arts. She uses aromatherapy, Reiki, crystal healing, shamanic journey meditation, Tarot, sound healing and she is continually expanding upon her offerings to the community. Kanixa is a World Traveler who loves art, to dance, to play, connect, practice Yoga, and teach. She teaches AcroYoga with her partner Thomas at festivals in the U.S. around the World. Kanixa has embraced the Goddess and is honored to represent the Goddess in one of her many forms to share compassionate nurturing to those in need.

A message from Kanixa,
“I am happy to be a guide for you as you enter this journey to become an Intuitive Tantra Practitioner! I look forward to sharing this incredible work with you and hope to see you soon at our next training.”

Blessings and love,
Goddess Kanixa
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Tantric Healing-An Introduction

Tantric Healing-An Introduction

By Kedar Upreti

This introduction to tantric healing is the result of many talks and experiences with Kedar Upreti, a seventh generation tantric healer from the Tantric & Ayurvedic Healing Center in Kathmandu – Nepal.

Tantric healing is a healing tradition based on Tantra, the holistic science of energy and consciousness. It can be regarded as the shamanic tradition of Asia and its practices are similar to what is found in worldwide shamanic healing. The unique perspective of tantric healing however comes through the link with yogic science in general and Tantra Yoga in particular.

Tantric healing includes Ayurvedic remedies, as well as general guidelines for a more healthy, yogic lifestyle. The tantric healer however adds another dimension to it : the spiritual world. Through mantra, yantra and rituals (puja), the karmic impressions of the patient are affected, in order to produce or promote effective healing. The tantric healing practices may thus seem rather bizarre or incomprehensible, yet to the person who gets healed this is not very important.

A disease may originate with an imbalance on any level :
physical, mental/emotional or spiritual. However, if the condition becomes chronical, then the imbalance will spread to all levels. Just eliminating the original cause may then not be succesful in removing the disease and only a holistic approach on all levels of our being may produce the desired result. And if the cause is spiritual, the sole treatment of the physical and mental/emotional symptoms may often produce new symptoms and problems, which may even be more severe than was originally the case.

The spritual world

The spiritual world that is referred to here is exactly what the word says : it is the world of the spirits. Next to beings like us who have a physical body on the physical plane, other beings exist with a more subtle energy body. Thus they are also often named “energies”, even though it must be clear that these energies are not non-conscious. They are beings and most of them are quite simply people who left their bodies and became spirits. Those who believe in reincarnation also naturally believe in the existence of spirits, even if for many this is not so obvious.

Next to relatively “normal” spirits, there also exist beings that are more powerful than average, or more spiritually evolved. But basically, spirits are just like people : some are more happy or less happy, more nice or less nice, more smart or less smart, more or less spiritual, more playful or more serious, etc.. Another name often used for the spirits is the “vayu”, because they live in close connection to the air element.

Most spirits are relatively harmless and live their own lives without much contact with life on the physical plane. Yet some spirits are more connected to the physical plane because of their own karmas. They feel the need to affect people on the physical plane, whether in a positive way, or in a negative way, or in a more playful way that is neither positive nor negative. The spirits that cause or maintain a disease are basically unhappy spirits that may be driven by quite normal emotions such as jealousy, depression, greed, sadness, etc… They may also increase the same negative feelings in us.

Most people are influenced by the spirits of their ancestors, because through the blood link, the connection is easy. When a spirit leaves the body, the time frame very fundamentally changes. Before again incarnating in a new form, an ancestor spirit may well stick around for dozens of years, because to that spirit it will seem like a very short time. This explains why ancestor spirits are very important and why they are so numerous. Sometimes a person may be influenced by an ancestor that left his or her body even before the person was born. In any case, it is vital to regularly pay respect to the ancestors. This may happen in a more formal way, like in a puja for the ancestors, or in a more personal way, simply greeting and thanking the ancestors. For health and general well-being, it is important quite simply that the ancestors do not feel neglected or forgotten, especially if the relationship with a particular ancestor was not very good in life. Kedar Upreti clearly indicates that the general loss of these traditions is causing many mental, emotional and physical problems worldwide. Regularly keeping contact with the ancestor spirits is not just important for health : it may also produce much help in any aspect of life, such as in business, art, relationships, etc…

Some people are born with more channels connecting them to the spiritual world, and some may develop these channels throughout life, yoga and meditation. These people then may experience that they are particularly sensitive to the spiritual world and may be more often affected by the spirits, both in a positive way as in a less agreable fashion. They may need particular tantric practices to become more protected. And in everybody, the spiritual world is essential in bringing our karmic impressions into expression.

The role of karma

According to the Hindu view, we produce our own karma, but this karma is manifested through the intermediate of the vedic planets. The nine planets are seen as manifestations of Lord Vishnu, the preserver. Thus they serve to preserve the universe by bringing balance wherever there is imbalance. Where knowledge is needed, Jupiter will rise. Where a fight is needed to protect the universe, Mars will do the job, etc… While these planets are themselves also highly evolved spiritual beings, they do not do their work “all by themselves”. Each of them is aided by a large number of devoted spiritual beings that may affect our lives quite directly, in order to balance our karmic impressions. In that, they bring us only what we want to receive, on a subconscious level. If subconsciously we feel guilty about something, then we may ourselves invite a suitable punishment, for example through the intermediate of spirits related to the planet Saturn. Or if we feel subconsciously very much in need of affection, the spirits belonging to the planet Venus will help us to find it. These are just simplified examples of what is really quite a complex, magical process of vibrations resonating with other vibrations, the interaction between our karmic impressions and the spiritual world.

In a similar way, other mighty spiritual beings like the Hindu devatas or gods
(sometimes called demi-gods) have particular roles in the universal Leela
(play). And just as it happens with the planets, less mighty spirits may feel attracted to this or that deity and serve their main purpose or role. In this way, praying to Hanuman, Ganesha, Lakshmi, etc… may produce very direct results in life and health, because the prayers may be responded to quite concretely by the spirituel beings that are associated with these deities. Many of the puja practices happening at home as bhakti yoga, are thus also tantric practices.

The tantric healer

A tantric healer is a person who has a strong connection to the spiritual world. That means that he or she has developed strong alliances with particular spirits that help the healer in diagnosing the problem and in finding a proper solution. These ailliances have to be created and also maintained by proper ritual. Kedar Upreti for example is a seventh-generation tantric healer, who was taught the art of tantric healing by his father and grandfather from the time when he was only 6 years old. Some of the spirits that help him in his healing practices today have been aiding his family for many generations.

 To be trained as a tantric healer starts with learning a large variety of rituals. But it goes way beyond that. The healer has to learn to be very concentrated, so that for example the sound frequencies produced by a mantra are not disturbed by the “sounds” of unnecessary thoughts within. Each mantra that is to be used by the healer has to be repeated for a prescribed number of times (24.000, 100.000,…) so that the mantra becomes strongly embedded within the mind of the healer. In this way, the healer truly receives the power of that mantra, so that even using it only ones may already produce considerable result. Building up this kind of power also includes establishing connections with particulate spirits, which in truth are the ones who bestow these powers.

The tantric healer may essentially cooperate with spirits of two kinds : devic and asuric spirits. One might translate these two words as “divine” and “demonic”, but that is not really correct as the names only indicate a particular tendency or character. Devic spirits help the healer because they like to aid in the healing process. They are caring and peaceful by nature and are usually associated with some or other deity. Asuric spirits are a little more selfish. They help the tantric healer because they get some reward in return, such as an offering of alcohol or meat. They are by nature more fierce. Some tantric healers will only use devic “helper” spirits, while others may use both and a few will only associate with the more asuric spirits. Asuric spirits are more forcefull and thus they may provide some aid where devic spirits may not. On the other hand, the effects of the aid of more asuric helper spirits may be rather shortlived, while the aid offered by more devic spirits, if succesful, is always more durable.

The tantric healing process

At first, these “helper spirits” will communicate with the spirits that are connected to the patient, in order to diagnose the problem. If an unhappy spirit is causing or maintaining the disease, then the approriate means will be chosen to end this influence. Generally speaking, the first thing to try is simply to convince the unhappy spirit to leave the patient. For this purpose, the more devic “helper” spirits are used because they are able to remove some of the unhappiness through love and compassion. Second, the unhappy spirit may also be offered certain rewards for leaving the patient, such as some fruits, flowers, etc… The spirit is then guided to take possession of these offerings, which are then placed somewhere in nature, away from the patient. In more extreme cases, “bigger” rewards may be offered, such as an egg, or even animals. Third, if the spirit cannot be convinced by these more gentle approaches, the

more asuric “helper” spirits may be used to drive it away or “push” it towards the offerings. But even then, the tantric healer will always try to be gentle, understanding that the unhappy spirit is to be respected also and should not be caused any unnecessary pain. After all, the tantric healer should also be concious of his or her own karma.

In any case, karma is always an important consideration. If
the “diagnosis” reveals that the spirit which is causing the disease is supported by the karma of the patient, then the healer will usually refrain from interfering. An analysis of the horoscope will often reveal that the disease is just a symptom of a period in which the patient has some karmic debt to pay. Removing the disease or the spirit that is causing it may then result in the manifestation of another, more severe problem, linked to the same karmic debt. This karmic debt comes associated with a certain planet and the spirits that are associated with this planet will make sure that the debt is paid somehow or other. Ultimately of course, this karmic debt is stored in the subconcious mind of the patient, so it is the patient him- or herself which gives the spirit the “opening” to cause a particular disease.

Tantric healing rituals

To the outsider, tantric healing rituals may seem very obscure and also quite rigid. The main reason why certain things have to happen in a particular way is because they have been done in the same way before. Ritual actions are like a language adressing particular spiritual beings in a particular way. This explains why different healers may have totally different traditions, each maintaining that the ritual has to happen in a very particular way. If two healers have a totally different opinion for example on how to perform the ritual cleansing before a ritual, they are both correct because they are communicating with different spirits that have different opinions on this cleansing ritual themselves.

 Many helper spirits are in fact quite old, so they may hold on to practices that are very old. Rituals may change over time, but these changes should be very gradual and the healer will take time to explain the reasons for these changes to the spirits. Whenever such a change is made, the healer should carefully consider the details, assuring that he will be willing and able to maintain the new ritual practice over time. Some of these changes may also be suggested by the spirits themselves, who will communicate them to the healer by a form of telepathy.

General rituals that pay respect to the beings of the spiritual
world or adress, praise and thank helper spirits are thus
usually very traditional and rather rigid. On the other hand, the
particular ways in which a healing is done may vary very
much according to the situation. The healer may thus receive
very specific instructions from the helper spirits on the kind of offerings that are needed, the mantras that are to be used, the moment on which the healing is to take place, etc…

Of all tools used in tantric rituals, mantras are probably the most important. Through their sound syllables that produce certain energetic vibrations, they influence the spiritual world in a major way. They may be used to attract helper spirits, to make unhappy spirits more happy, or drive away spirits that are causing problems. Very often, the patient will be given a mantra that should be used as much as possible for further protection or even to help to bring the healing about. Unhappy spirits that are more asuric in nature may quite simply dislike certain mantras, incenses, ash from a fire ritual, etc.. that create more devic vibrations, so regularly using these tantric tools is very important for spiritual health. On the other hand, such spirits usually like bad smells, bad sounds, etc… so these should be maximally avoided.

The above is just a symplified introduction to what is really a highly complex science. There are many more aspects to tantric healing that have not yet been discussed here. As tantric healing traditions are so highly varied, some of the practices or interpretations described here may not correspond to what is valid in a particular tradition.

These days, tantric healers in Asia are not having an easy time. The younger generations of patients often regard tantric healing rituals as superstitious and turn towards “modern” western medicine. Tantric healers always have had a special position in society, feared by many because of their connection to the spirit world, but respected by all. These days however this respect is waning and many tantric healers have difficulty to provide for their families. Their sons and daughters are thus also less likely to believe in the future of their family tradition, even if only for economic reasons. As a result, a lot of understanding and spiritual power is lost. Fortunately, westeners as well as asians who have had sufficient experience with the limitations of western medicine are returning towards tantric healing in number. Especially if diseases become chronical and regular doctors seem unable to provide any clear cause or cure, it is advisable to seek ou those that look further than the purely physical aspects of disease.

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Winning Strategies for Online Slots

Tantra has a unique connection to Oriental religions, particularly the techniques outlined in a manual from Hinduism. Taken from the Sanskrit, the sacred Hinduism language, it derives from a root word of “tan” which actually means to expand, continue, or otherwise extend. Just like the universe in which people live, Tantra is always expanding, manifesting, and spreading. Made from different energies, people who utilize Tantra contribute to this ever growing weave of energies through their thoughts, actions, and their physical being. Those who decide to practice Tantra can apply the things they learn, the positive gains, and the expansion of the mind and body to every aspect of life. Those who enjoy Tantra might, for example, also seek to expand their minds with regular reading, meditation, even fun activities like soccer, ping pong, or gambling. Those who want to gamble for enjoyment, to expand their understanding of the games, can use strategies for online slots.

Using a Winning Strategy

Slot machines have better payoffsWhenever you have a game that focuses on gambling there are people out there who are going to try to beat the odds. So what can you do to utilize slot strategies when you play online casino slots? Well, first understand that betting strategies are simply a system that you can use to that in specific ways based on certain circumstances. The idea is that you can take something seemingly random, like slot games, and insert into this random thing an element of control. This control can change the odds so that you are more likely to win the game. Instead of relying on dumb luck, you can use a strategy to win. Obviously if you win using a betting strategy than that system worked. If you don’t win the maybe you simply are using the right strategy for you are applying it to be correct situation.

How to Increase Your Winnings

That said there are many types of strategies out there, some of which are based on the side of the bed and some of which are based on patterns, the number of spins, or the times you win. Understand that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. There is no such thing as a guaranteed win or betting strategy that works 100% of the time. Understand that if you find a strategy that claims to be 100% effective, you are not going to sit down for a marathon of online slot games, ready to quit your job the next day, and win $1 million. However, you can use certain betting strategies to try and increase your odds and to simply make the game more enjoyable for you to play. You really want to have fun when you play the slots. You have better odds of winning big if you rely on dumb luck rather than strategy, but with strategy you get smaller wins, more often and that can make all the difference.

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