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In a world where the built environment is structured in a way that keeps us separate from the people around us, the study of tantra reminds us of the fact that we are all interconnected in the grand scheme of things. We do, by our own right, possess our own personality, our physical details, preferences and spiritual selves. However we are all made of the same matter built upon the same molecules. In our communities we drive by the same landmarks, buildings, parks and streets.  We breathe the same air and so on.

Experiencing Intuitive Tantra will allow you to delve deeper with who you are in this world. It will take you on a journey of inner-self exploration where you will grow a deep appreciation for interconnectedness within your community that reaches beyond the world you have experienced so far.


Goddess Khora









“Tantra has been a subject that has drawn my curiosity and desire to experience and learn.
khora brought to me in my first experience of Tantra, a total sense of heart chakra cleansing and release.
Tantra has been assumed to be an art that promotes sexuality.
What she introduced to my journey is a jewel far more fulfilling than sexual gratification. I now recognize Tantra as the yoga that reunites the threefold self; that is mind body spirit to a synergistic whole.
Thank you khora for such pure expression.
Looking forward to my next session.”

San Diego

Goddess Indrani









Goddess Karina







“Goddess Karina is an exceptionally talented Tantra master and teacher.  She used her thorough understanding of communication between men and women and her extensive personal, experience in the principles and practices of Tantra, to guide me through a personal transformation.  She taught me how to create a deeply intimate connection with my partner.   Throughout the process she knew exactly how to support me in navigating the beautiful world of intimacy while consistently bolstering my confidence.”
~ Paul Repicky, Ph.D.

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