Distance Healing Sessions

Distance Healing Sessions

Distance healing is a method of long distance sessions. They are administered through focusing the power of the mind and various applications of trainings and practices.

Energy surpasses space and time. Distance healing is relevant to such studies as quantum physics that energy is not limited to any time and/or place. It is possible to transmit healing energies at any distance, and this form of healing is very effective. Physical, emotional, spiritual conditions can be addressed in minutes, no matter how far the client is. However, we strongly recommend that if you continue to experience symptoms, you should contact a doctor.

Our Tantra distance healers provide innovative forms of energy healing such as Reiki, Shamanic healing, Tarot and life coaching-just to name a few. All these formats find the perfect balance to provide the healing needed for you right now.
All our healing sessions, attunements, and energy scans are provided through distance healing based on an authentic spiritual connection. Energy scans are performed through the telephone, Internet, chat or video conferencing such as Skype. During your session, we ask you to be in a receptive and relaxed state until the session is finished. For this reason, we highly advise meditation either before your session or guided by your practitioner.

How to schedule

Please search practitioner pages for the different services and choose one who best fits your needs. Email your chosen practitioner and discuss major concerns. Availability varies so you can discuss the schedule with the practitioner directly through email or call (503) 432-0486. Common hours are Monday through Friday from 9 am to 10 pm and on weekends. We’ll work with you to schedule the best time for your healing session – no matter your time zone. We prefer at least 24 hours notice in advance. Online booking is available for participating practitioners. If the practitioner does not have a scheduling system on their page, you must call the booking line or email to reserve your time. All distance healing sessions must be paid in full prior to the start time.

Please note: Our professionals are expected to adhere to certain standard of conduct and are instructed that should they feel pressured to not maintain that level of conduct, to end the session immediately without refund.

For Clients

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