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Hi there! I am so excited you found me here. My interest in the transformative healing fields began over 17 years ago with the discovery of the energetic gift of healing that emmDana 1anated from my hands, which prompted me to study many different modalities, Transpersonal Somatic Psychology, and partake in indigenous trainings with South American and Native American Shamans.

I have always been interested in Sacred Sexuality and it’s direct link with creativity. When our sensuality is shut down and we are not able to express ourselves fully with our sexuality, we feel that a part of us has died. How do you reconnect with that sacred energy to bring back into your relationships? I can help guide you to a deeper self discovery of your own intimate nature via NON-sexual Intuitive Tantra. I provide a safe place where through breath and connection, you learn to let go and how to sense energy that affects you on a sub quatum physical level. I work with female, male, couples, & the LGBT communities in a place of non judgement, where open communication can prevail to help you get to the heart of the matter. Call to book appointment with me today. I look forward to meeting you.

Much Luv,

Goddess Sofia

“The Tantric sages tell us that our in-breath and out-breath actually mirror the divine creative gesture. With the inhalation, we draw into our own center, our own being. With the exhalation, we expand outward into the world.” 
― Sally KemptonAwakening Shakti: The Transformative Power of the Goddesses of Yoga

“Have you ever had a dream that you were certain was real, only to wake up and realize that everyone and everything in the dream was really you? Well this is how many mystics describe the nature of our reality, as a dream in which we think we are individual personalities existing in the physical universe. But eventually, like in all dreams, we will wake up. Except in this dream we do not wake up to realize we are still in the world, we awake from the world to realize that we are God.” 
― Joseph P. KauffmanThe Answer Is YOU: A Guide to Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Freedom



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