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Dear Beloveds.

I open my arms, eyes and ears for you, to create a space for you to receive, learn and feel.

Do you know that you have a feminine nature?  A feminine principle resides in you that is less fixated on a goal or achievement in relationship, but is rather focused on a true and authentic connection: a sensual-flowing, wonder-filled experience.  This feminine principle is a guide that opens you up to being receptive to all that is, One with all things, including your sexual-sensual nature.

Let me help you.

I will create for you a safe container to explore, heal and deepen the merging of sexuality and spirituality.

My work is trauma-informed.

What this work with IT specifically helps with

–       increase capacity as a lover in the bedroom

–    improve your relationships (sexual or otherwise)

–       work on channeling your energy for other purposes

–       Share and deepen presence with the feminine

–       Learn about desires and boundaries in a way that makes others feel closer

–       Become multi-orgasmic

–       Specifically works on helping clients heal and expand their sexual-spiritual nature

–       Could be good for men who struggle with PE or anyone who experiences sexual fear and anxiety

“Overall the tantric path is optimistic when regarding any attachment or energy pattern. This is because it is all regarded just as energy or potentially liberated energy. We, in our ignorance and attachment place the “story” on the energy. The path doesn’t ask people to become “other” then what they are (in real terms) and the liberated energy (no matter how its defined) become the fuel on the path” ~Shiva Kaal Ugranand

“Tantric path teaches us to embrace and unify the ordinary, the erotic, and the sacred dimensions of life, all of which have their roots in Spirit.”
~ Margot Anand

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