(Non-Tantra Sessions)

Our network is multifaceted. We have practitioners that arrive here from diverse backgrounds. They bring their heart, true intentions, and experience to this company and all the clients they connect with. One of the attributes common amongst them all is the fact that they are all dedicated to the healing and progression of their clients and thus society as a whole. This page is dedicated to highlight and showcase some of the various other offerings outside of Intuitive Tantra that some of the practitioners offer. We also provide a way for you to schedule with them as well. Some practitioners offer sessions involving massage, reiki, coaching, hypnotherapy and shamanism to name some options.

How to book
Choose the practitioner in your area and either email the practitioner directly, call or text (503) 432-0486 or schedule in the calendar on the page (where applicable).

Please see the list below of practitioners offering Intuitive Wellness near you:

Indrani (San Diego)
Karina (San Diego)

Freya (Denver)
Inanna (Denver)

Lalini (Orlando)

Khaleesi (Boise)

Solara Moon (Chicago)

Intuitive Wellness in Houston

For Clients

For Practitioners

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