Goddess Yemaya

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Thank you for choosing me as your Goddess on this journey to awakening your kundalini flow. Goddess Yemaya is the divine mother of the sea whose children are as plentiful as the fish. I am the daughter of Yemaya, and I care for each soul that finds their way into my sacred space. I do so with as much love as my heart allows. I welcome you into my home where you can relax and breath in all the blessings of the universe. Here I will cradle you, as I walk you through an inner journey of awakening to your own divine nature. We are all connected, come and honor the highest representation of yourself, and align with who you truly are. Grounding and balancing our celestial nature allows us to flow through life, welcoming in our blessings. Through the study of Tantra one can begin to understand the dualistic nature of our existence. Duality is all around us in masculine and feminine properties, light and dark, night and day and is a reflection of what is within us. I invite you to come and find balance of the feminine and masculine as it exists within you, utilizing me as your guide here on earth and a channel for what exists in the ethereal.


Goddess Yemaya

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