Kundalini Energetics Professional Training


Kundalini Energetics Certification Training – 2 full Days $750



Two dynamic full days covering all aspects of kundalini anatomy and marma point therapy. This training is suitable for massage therapists, reiki practitioners, energy healers, yoga teachers and the everyday curious person.

This 2 day training is a dynamic and interactive experience held in person or by webinar. At the completion of the training you will be able to offer your clients one of the most exciting and ancient healing modalities now being offered in massage clinics and spas around the world. This training will offer you the ability to work with your clients on a deeper and more healing energetic level. Learn to activate the kundalini energy of the body to energize chakras, clear meridian paths for physical, emotional and spiritual clarity.

This is not a massage course but can be added into massage services or done without massage. An excellent add on to your massage spa menu or energy healing practice. This practice is an excellent add on for yoga teachers, connecting the mama points during your students asana to open the pose and to reach a deeper energetic movement during the pose, accessing the powerful inspiration of the kundalini energy, balancing the emotions and quieting the heart.

Training Includes:

Kundalini Dharma talks and discussions

The 7 chakras in depth

Kundalini Chakra diagnostic compositing

100 Marma Point locations and their importance in cellular communication.

Marma Point Energy Cultivation and Balancing – Connecting the energy from point to point.

Learning to recognize imbalances at mama points.

Corresponding Marma points to each chakra

Dosha knowledge and diagnostic indicators

Mudras – Energetic hand sculptures

Client awareness, expectations and sensate therapy Supervised practice to get you ready for clients Marketing and business skills (private consultations available)

Free one year Profile on Kundalinitraining.com

Referral options

Certificate provided on Completion.

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