Welcome Austin! I am Citrine, tantra guide.

Your mirror… Your friend… Your guide.

Enter the mystical oasis of my sacred space and escape the physical world as your wellbeing melts under my healing touch.

May we dance in this inner sanctum and taste the blissful nectar of life together!

Close your eyes… feel the waves washing over your body, the warmth of the sun igniting your heart, and laughter surrounding your soul. Now allow your body and nuance of chatter in your mind drift away….. I hear you!

I believe by healing our bodies and minds we experience a deeper connection to our own spirit and source…..to Love.

In truth it’s easier to create than to destroy, to love than to hate, to trust than to fear, to evolve than to stagnate.

My devotion to my truth allows me to facilitate healing and transmutation in a loving, playful, uniquely creative style.

Get ready for a transcendental experience taking you to a deeper state of relaxation while at the same time activating and awakening every part of your body.

During our session, I will integrate a myriad of techniques from around the planet (and beyond!). Expanding your senses through deep conscious breathing, guided visualization, shamanic temple bodywork and soul gazing.

My specialty is Tantra and healing, however I am also a highly qualified Licensed Massage therapist with experience in Thai, Ashiatsu & Lomilomi.

I meet you where you are at…… You are free to share your intentions, deepest desires, dreams and fears so that we may begin to unravel your mystery and explore where your heart wants to be. Sensuality is alive in every moment. Those who awaken to the depths of sexuality instead of focusing on the heights and shallow means of sex can experience divine enlightenment which has been described as well “indescribable.” Through the practice of tantra and sacred sexuality you are open to access paradigms unknown yet familiar. The more we open and say YES to the gift of being here, the more pleasure and ecstasy we cultivate in all areas of our lives.

The quintessential substance of this practice is to be able to fill our own cup. I want to bring you home to your true authentic self by lifting the veils of your conscious mind. Allow yourself to let go of all attachments and resistance and fully receive the light you deserve, so you may shine onto others.

Let me sweep away the worry and the pain and send you off flying to a place where time does not exist.

Through a combination of tantric poses, electrifying movement, energetic alignment, and chakra tuning tailored to your intent, we rise to glimpse a piece of heaven on earth.

Until we meet again…


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