I am the Khaleesi, bringing magic to your world as I work with the chakras to change your energy and help you manifest what you desire. I create a safe, loving and ethereal space using colors, scents and soft music. I creating a loving environment and a safe place that can unify you with the sensual energy you hold within. I believe in, love, and creation, creating scenes and magic and anything we desire. Love- I will show you how to love yourself and the beauty of your inner desires as well as your physical body.

When we love ourselves, we love all. Magic — I believe when we release negative emotions and blocked energy our lives magically transform into works of art. Through my healing touch, breathing techniques and working with the chakras I will assist you in finding balance and movement while unbottling your sensual energy. The energy we share in this space will be magical, the leader and the follower in a playful dance.

Together we will explore the world of Tantra to soothe your soul and awaken your mind-body connection. With a background in dance and Yoga and quantum healing for nearly 7 years, I am embracing tantra with a fresh perspective, using chakra work mediation and breathing I can help you manifest all your desires! I believe in the connection behind body, mind and spirit that helps liberate us all. I also believe that the body has a consciousness of its own and by connecting with that we can evolve into the person we are destined to be. Through accessing the divine through our human experience, we learn that liberation, freedom and peace are possible here and now. We become more alive, more awake, increase our capacity for love and begin to live life to our fullest. I believe these practices help change our perspective of the world from the everyday to the beautiful and the ethereal. Come join the dance.

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