We find one another here by no coincidence. This intersection of our paths will carry us into new dimensions of self-awareness. I am your guide, Goddess Bata Nava, and together we will unleash the creative energy within your being.

My personal journey through conscious awareness has been a long one. I knew from a young age that Earth and those that inhabit it had more to offer than what was physically seen. Curiosities arose within me and I began to search for abundance in life and love. Through religious studies, which encompassed the traditions of both modernity and antiquity, I explored spirituality with an open heart. Applying my studies to my personal practice, I began to develop a lens through which I could feel the world, the energies that life exudes. Tantra found me in my years at University. As I delved into this practice it began to awaken within me an awareness that could not be ignored. Through tantra, I was able to begin the release of my past traumas and step fully into myself.

As your tantric practitioner, I desire to create a space in which you too can begin your journey to greater consciousness with the Self and Other. Through tantric practices, you will remove the blockages within the body that have stored tension. Doing so will allow you to nurture your truest self and expand into a state of unconditional self-acceptance.

“Every act of creation is first an act of destruction”
– Pablo Picasso

This journey opens the doors to a greater appreciation for ourselves, others, and Earth. It provides an abundance of energy for creative expression, deepening connections, and being more fulfilled overall. Through tantric practice, anxieties will fade as you connect with the abundance of love the universe has to offer. While not always an easy one, you will find bliss through this path.

Baba Nam Kevalam

“Supreme Love is Everywhere”

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