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Scarlet is an experienced tantra goddess and energy worker in Denver, CO. She has traveled the world for 5 years studying different modalities of Tantra, yoga, breathwork, kundalini, and reiki in order to cultivate her knowledge and energy as a pure channel while helping shift humanity into higher states of consciousness. She has finally found her home in Colorado and looks forward to anchoring higher paradigms for and within Denver.

She invites you to surrender into her skilled hands and allow her to transform your fear and stress into clarity and empowerment.  Known for her clear intuition, healing touch, and deep love for serving others, scarlet aims to reconnect others with their own intuition and help heal blockages to unlock their true power and the full pleasures of life through the practice of reiki and tantra.


“I am Shakti, as well as Shiva. I am everything male and female, light and dark, flesh and spirit. Perfectly balanced in one single moment lasting an eternity…” -Robin Rumi

“The Tantric sages tell us that our in-breath and out-breath actually mirror the divine creative gesture. With the inhalation, we draw into our own center, our own being. With the exhalation, we expand outward into the world.”
Sally Kempton

“Good-bad, hot-cold, high-low, left-right: When you rise above all these pairs, you experience the final pair which seems to encapsulate everything else. Different Yogis call his final pair with different names: Shiva-Shakti, Existence-Nonexistence, Srishti-Shunya, Pure Masculine-Pure Feminine, Being-Nonbeing. You must transcend this final pair too. The desire to cling to one side of this final pair, the desire to always be Shunya or Shiva or Feminine or Nonbeing, stops you from having the absolute experience of Paramatma. You have to realize that Shiva and Shakti are same. Srishti as a whole is Shunya. Pure Masculine is pure Feminine.”

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