Goddess Tiye



I’m Goddess Tiye

It is my honor to guide you toward deeper levels of love, intimacy, and out-of-body experiences towards your divine awakening by providing you with Intuitive Tantra.

Tantra is the fulfillment of spiritual, biological, and emotional urges that is needed to channel divine energy. Tantra takes you through the journey of unlocking the truth, ridding the body of blockages due to repression through the power of TOUCH. As an Intuitive Tantra Practitioner, it is my duty to help you explore the art of sensuality, meditation, guided visualization, and proper breathwork through a recommended number of sessions.

Every day in society we face social, financial, and economic issues that affect our well-being and vitality. If the effects of society upon us are left untreated, it leads to stress, depression, an unfulfilled sex life, and psychological and emotional traumas. Creativity is the base of our sensuality. When our creative energy shuts down, we suppress the ability to express ourselves sexually with self and/or partner. It’s as though part of our spirit has died. Life doesn’t feel worth living when we don’t have a connection to divine love and bliss.

I’m committed to:

-Whatever It Takes To Help You Create A Blissful and Juicy Life.

-Making Sure You Become Comfortable Enough to Address the Root Issues Standing In Your Way of Much Deserving Love and Pleasure In Life.

-To Free You From Shame.

-Teaching You Breathing Techniques To Stimulate Arousal, Deep Pleasures.

-Allowing Yourself To Overcome Sexual Issues ( ED, Low Libido)

-Making Sure You Become More Sensitive To The Sensory Nerve Endings Throughout Your Body.Tantra Dallas Texas Sensual Touch Massage Men Women Couples

-Creating Erotic Trance

-Helping You Becoming Aware Of Your Energy

WARNING: These Non-Sexual Intimate sessions WILL include getting in touch with your inner being and releasing suppressed harmful emotions/trauma to allow you to experience more happiness, fulfillment, creativity, love, and sexual satisfaction.

Overall the sessions teach you to unite with yourself on a deeper conscious level and tap into your divine nature. Getting back to feeling FREE, CREATIVE, ATTUNED, and POWERFUL, God/Goddess that you are!!

My tantra sessions are designed for single and married people in a non-judgemental space. My background as a Massage Therapist (7 years), Kemetic Reiki Practitioner, and Doctor of Bioenergetic and Auricular Therapy qualifies me to address many issues physically and spiritually.

Trust That Your Ancestors Lead You To Me. Call to Book An Appointment With Me Today. I Look Forward To Meeting You.

Peace, Love, Ase, and NAMASTE

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