The ability to help others is the most fulfilling feeling one can ever have. I have so much energy to share and provide a true experience of tantra in Houston.  Life can be so tough on the body when dealing with everyday life such as the demands of work, family, and travel. Tantra teaches you to live again. Here is how it helped me.

Before Tantra, I worked long hours at a desk answering call after call. Each day looked the same. As each day passed I felt smaller and smaller as if the real me was shrinking into a pile of computer cords! At the same time, a close loved one passed at a young age.  It was time to add meaning to my life.

I have been told that I bring an upbeat, positive and insightful calmness to any situation. Let me bring my light and share my energy with you. My first client said after the first session he woke to no pain. He said his back would hurt before getting out of bed. After his second session, he slept better at night.

I’m on a mission to serve my fellow human beings you don’t belong to you, you belong to the universe. -Robert Kiyosaki

I also work with sacred sounds called Mantras, as an added function to my sessions.   These sounds made from our mouths can create much healing throughout our body when done with dedication and focus. They can steady the mind and open the heart. Each chakra has bija mantra which awakens and purifies the energy center increasing vitality, balance, and overall health. I will make these sounds during our sessions to add to the therapeutic benefits.

Enjoy a session with me today. I look forward to meeting you!

-Goddess Alisha

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