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Greetings kindred spirits. My journey as a Tantra goddess here in Kansas City begins as a little girl seeing my little brother cry, going to console him by rubbing on his arm saying, “it’s ok, it’s ok”. And when my father got sick, I would hug his neck. And other similar situations thru the years. I’d come to realize that I am a natural nurturer with tender affection & sympathy for anyone sad, hurt or sick, I’ve always sought to console by laying hands upon people. I received an epiphany to seek a career where I can care for people, so I heeded the message and enrolled in massage therapy school, became a licensed massage therapist in the year 2000. I was fortunate to start my career working alongside a chiropractor. I gave deep tissue massages and learned how to do body adjustments. I then went on to work with a fitness gym where I gave sports massages. Tantra was close, yet I hadn’t discovered it yet for myself.  Then the door opened to my dream job at a posh upscale day spa.

Story Time: in 2002 upon entering my massage studio, I saw a piece of paper on the floor, had been slid under the door by an unknown sender. I started reading, it was about Tantra. I never heard of it, it was very interesting however I was busy so I put it to the side for later. A couple of years had passed and a massage client asked me if I offered Tantra massages. I replied, “No” then told him the story of the 1st time I received info about Tantra but never got back to it. My client sent a video explaining it, and it was intriguing, different, and unique. I had to know more. So I thoroughly researched sites, videos & blogs.

With an ear-to-ear smile on my face😁 and filled with ecstatic energy, I knew for sure that the Highest had sent Tantra to me.  My Divine career path to walk in fulfilling my purpose. Through my Tantra practice, I get to nurture my clients & give unconditional Love. For Tantra is LOVE🥰 it aligns, balances, heals, relaxes restores, rejuvenates your Temple, Mind & Spirit. Through Tantra, my life & relationships have evolved profoundly. The mission on my passion path is to empower & serve others through Tantra to embrace their sexuality without guilt or shame. Tantra is especially for those that have disconnected from their sexuality & are ready to ReDiscover themselves and open to a vibrant life of pleasure, self-love, abundance & deeply fulfilling relationships. I believe that with the purest of intentions Sexual energy can be harnessed for our personal growth and spiritual evolution.

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