Thank you for choosing me as your Goddess on this journey to awakening your kundalini flow. Goddess Yemaya is the divine mother of the sea whose children are as plentiful as the fish. I am the daughter of Yemaya, and I care for each soul that finds their way into my sacred space. I do so with as much love as my heart allows. I welcome you into my home where you can relax and breath in all the blessings of the universe. Here I will cradle you, as I walk you through an inner journey of awakening to your own divine nature. We are all connected, come and honor the highest representation of yourself, and align with who you truly are. Grounding and balancing our celestial nature allows us to flow through life, welcoming in our blessings. Through the study of Tantra one can begin to understand the dualistic nature of our existence. Duality is all around us in masculine and feminine properties, light and dark, night and day and is a reflection of what is within us. I invite you to come and find balance of the feminine and masculine as it exists within you, utilizing me as your guide here on earth and a channel for what exists in the ethereal.


Goddess Yemaya

Additional Services Offered:

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What is it that you would like to manifest in your life? Whatever it may be, it can be achieved with the assistance of meditation! For this option I will create a guided meditation specifically to help achieve your goals. Your goals can be focused on manifesting a specific success in your life, healing your energy bodies, learning to raise your kundalini, or connecting with your true divine nature, all is possible with tantric guided meditation. This session will include a 10 minute verbal intake of your intentions, and a questionnaire email. This will be followed up with an email letting you know how to prepare for your 45 minute personalized Skype session.

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  • Chakra alignment and Healing
  • Manifestation Meditation
  • Raise Your Kundalini
  • Divine Masculine
  • Divine Feminine


All astrology readings require date/time and place of birth. The tantric astrology reading combines the science of tantra, with an in-depth astrology reading. In these readings I will analyze the placements in your astrological chart as perceived through a Tantric lens. All readings will be delivered by email within one week of a request. Readings are available for men, women and couples.

In this Astrological reading I will help you understand the main aspects of your personal karma that is at play presently in your life. I will explain how the positive and negative pull of the universe is working with you. This reading will assist you in opening up to the flow in your life that is specific to you. I will explain how the feminine and masculine is interacting with you in a spiritual nature.

In this reading I will clarify to you which of the three dosha/doshas and main five elemental compositions you are. I will relate this to diet and activity, identifying what is healthy for you from an Ayurvedic/Astrological perspective, and why.

Divine Feminine/Masculine
According to Tantric philosophy all people posses both masculine and feminine energy. When this energy becomes in-balance this can lend towards an experience of a Kundalini Awakening. We all connect to different aspects of divine masculine and feminine. What is your divine nature? Clarification of the self is a wonderful tool in the journey of life, and I am grateful to assist!

Who is your divine-mate, what does he or she look like? How does he or she connect with you? How can you attract this person into your life? Will you meet your twin-soul this life time? If not who is your ideal mate for this lifetime? When will you meet them? Have you already? These are all questions that can be answered with a DivineMate astrology reading .

Elemental Readings
This astrological reading will give you a clear understanding of your elemental makeup, how that affects all aspects of your life, and how it correlates to relationships and your life path.


Single Sessions
Initial session (30 minute phone session, emailed questionnaire and coaching response)

30 minute coaching session

60 minute coaching session

Tantra Coaching Package

Tantric Coaching will include a 30 minute interview over Skype or phone to get a general overview of who you are, what you would like to improve in your life, and what you would like to see improve as a part of coaching. There will be an email questionnaire that will be sent for you to fill out. You will then receive a full tantric reading based on your goals and questionnaire. This will be from the tantric perspective of what is going on with you personally, and how you can improve your life and meet your goals. You will then receive two personalized meditation videos created specifically for you. You will also receive an astrological tantric reading, and five half-hour coaching sessions by phone that you schedule at your own pace.


Seven 45 minute Skype lessons to teach you about Tantra and your energy systems. Included will be study materials, take home tests, and exercises. This course will help you to learn the basics of Tantra, how to flow in Tantric bliss, and how to utilize Tantra to assist others in your life. Learning Tantra will improve your relationship with yourself, and those around you, expanding into your community, improving your ability to attract and sustain love and happiness.


Bring Me to You!
Prices vary

You may be interested in one or more of the options available, whether this is for you personally, you and your partner, or for an entire group or festival! We can create customized packages that include group courses, workshops, Intuitive Tantra sessions, and public speaking.

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