Take a deep breath and relax into your heart. Wherever you are, and whether it is your first appointment or your tenth, thank you for taking the time to visit me here, and thank you for making your heart, your health, and your happiness a priority.

My personality is sweet and effervescent. My mind is sharp and clear. My Spirit is awake and adventurous. I have a soothing soul and a warm embrace to share. I am always in gratitude, often resting in wonder and curiosity at how beautiful life truly is. I take great care in cultivating loving-kindness for myself so that my cup is always running over into the lives of those I meet.

This once esoteric experience is considered a path towards expanded consciousness and a method to reach profound states of bliss. It was a practice verbally passed down for centuries by shamans and energy masters alike. During the 1930s, psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich also touched upon this in his research, referring to it as ‘orgone’ energy. It has since found its way into neo-tantra.

Stemming from venerable systems of energy practices such as reiki and chi gong, an ecstatic experience (which is sometimes described as a full-body energy orgasm) is a way to deepen our connection with self and liberate our creative, life-force energy. It is a dynamic process that activates our parasympathetic nervous system, strengthens our vagal tone (vagus nerve), and allows us to reconnect with our energetic body.

I utilize breathwork as a primary tool in these offerings. It is a sacred ritual with roots in both ancient and modern practices. It is a dynamic, accelerated, in-and-out of the mouth style of breath which activates the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. The sympathetic activation is what helps release stored emotions and energies that are often deeply rooted in our bodies.

I will help you begin your path to feeling balanced and healthier. I will work with you to achieve optimal chakra health, where we will shift any energy that doesn’t serve you through balancing and redirecting

I believe in healing our bodies and minds. We experience a deeper connection to our own Spirit and Source… to Love.



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