Oklahoma City Sensual Tantra Goddess Sovereign



I am Goddess Sovereign, offering tantra sessions in Oklahoma City!

Who and what is sovereign?

We are!!

Unbridled, Unchained, Ascendant, Free…

These are the words that sum up who I am and why I am in your presence. My journey has been long and arduous, but being the hero that I am, I have found the elixir that is Intuitive Tantra, and I present it to you now.

How did I get to this place? I have always known myself as a facilitator of healing. From a young age, I began to use my body and my voice to deliver to my audience a sense of compassion and love through dance and singing. As a young adult, I studied yoga, ecstatic dance, and biochemistry and began a career in health coaching and aesthetics. After becoming a mother, I opened my life to metaphysics and began to study many schools of mystery focusing mostly on Tibetan Buddhism and the Christian mystics as well as the Vedic scriptures. In 2016 I became an RN as I felt called to work with hospice and help people transition in-home into the next dimension. During this time is when my transformation into Sovereignty began.

In early 2016 I took a charitable nursing trip to Belize and volunteered for two weeks in the deep jungle working with theOklahoma City Sensual Tantra Mayan people. There I had an awakening that would change the course of my life. Introduced to plant medicine, I was able to see and understand the concept of energy and vibration. I saw myself as the goddess that I truly am and was gifted with a Kundalini awakening experience. I became one with the universe and was literally suspended in the ether spinning planets in my hands! My mind, body, and soul were in complete tandem with God and the universal cosmic forces, and for the first time in my life, I felt completely whole and fulfilled. I knew at that moment my calling had been revealed. I am to bring this understanding of who we are as divine beings, and love-of-self, to the world.

It is my honor to sit in your presence, hold space for you, and lead you into the discovery of your own divine nature.

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