Welcome! As a Certified Tantra Professional, I am always delighted to meet new people who are exploring a Tantric journey.  It’s been an incredible path for me, and I feel very blessed to be sharing Tantra with others. I welcome clients of any age background, gender, physical ability, sexual orientation, or relationship status.
My desire is to facilitate healing and guidance to help you achieve a healthy and more fulfilling life
My place of practice is a sacred place and I treat it as such.  It is a place of acceptance and safety. I honor my practice and I strive to provide a professional and compassionate environment with respect and integrity for my clients. Your appointment(s) will be held in strict confidence
The Sessions I offer are personalized. Every journey and every life is different. Although many of us express similar patterns in our paths, the circumstances, decisions, and experiences we’ve had are unique. I am able to offer journeys of healing and growth, exploration, and expansion, drawing from various different fields of thought and practice. To embody Tantra, doesn’t mean to intellectually understand it, but to live it and experience it on your own skin, it is up to you to only experience it or to develop a practice that would take you to the depths of   Self-realization expansion and healing whether you are in need of on-going support or first-time experience I can work with your individual needs.

“It is the movement between the negative and positive poles that creates electricity. It is the attraction between the male and the female that creates new life. The dynamics of the universe are dialectical, apparently in a conflict, but occurring within a larger context of unity and wholeness. This is the understanding of the Tantra vision.” ~ Margot Anand

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