Sacramento California Tantra Spiritual Goddess Sensual Massage

Goddess Infinity


***Women and Couples Only***

Goddess Infinity is a Tantra practitioner, Usui Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master, and Quantum Healer, based in Sacramento, California. She is here to help clear energies in your body that have been holding you back from creating a newfound relationship you can have with your body and partner. Once the blocked energies are cleared from your mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and etheric bodies she then works her magic to transform your old beliefs about what true connection is with a sacred partner. You can have an amazing sensual experience in a safe place with Goddess Infinity who helps you let your guard down and open your heart space to see your true self emerge. She guides you through soul gazing, open heart chakra activation, sound healing, light touch, Reiki healing, Karuna Reiki Healing, sound bowls, lava rocks, tantra therapy, and guided meditation and activation of your Spiritual self to help you transform any insecurities, hurt, fears, or concerns about true sacred connection with yourself and a partner. You will learn tantra techniques to then use with an intimate partner for a bond that will be so enlightening. True spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical connection is an ancient practice that is so needed in relationships to build a connection so strong it’s truly blissful and out of this world. Goddess Infinity also helps any physical ailments due from medication that interfere with performance, ED, and PE. These blocks also come from energetic blockages in your chakras from past trauma. She will clear all blocks to help with your newfound energy and stamina.
This tantra healing session is non-sexual. It is intimate, heart-opening, healing, transformative, sensual energies, soft touch, warm, loving, and safe.


“I was having a rough time in my marriage with my husband. I felt hurt and not appreciated. Goddess Infinity helped me get over my emotional issues. During our Tantra and Reiki sessions, I felt so much love and heat radiating from her hands. I even felt more hands on my body then just hers and when I asked her how that was possible she told me she works with Angels too. I had major healing that day and I felt the pain leave my body. I felt so calm and peaceful during our session. I am forever grateful she came into my life. She has a gift to share with the world. I was so impressed by her healing ability I booked another session but this time it was for couples Tantra. My husband enjoyed the experience and we took home new techniques that have really helped us with our love life. I feel very connected to him now and we are so much closer because of it. We both understand one another on a whole other level. I now have that spiritual connection I’ve been asking for.”
-Sarah, Sacramento, California

Sacramento California Tantra Spiritual“I booked a Tantra session with Goddess Infinity because I was having performance issues. I left a fifteen year relationship and was back in the dating scene. The problem I was having was quite embarrassing. I couldn’t perform like I used to. I thought it was because I was getting older but Goddess Infinity told me it was due to emotional energy still stuck in my body from my past relationship. I had no idea this was affecting me because I left that relationship a couple of years ago. I feel like a new person and am happy to say I’m back to my healthy self again and all my parts are working just fine thanks to Goddess Infinity’s magic and healing ability. She also made me feel very comfortable to open up to her about my innermost feelings . I’m very shy but with her it was different because she felt like a close friend.”
-David, Sacramento, California

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