***Offering sessions in Fall 2020

Hello beautiful souls, I am being called back to this ancient art in the time that the world is in need of deep healing. Remember we have the most powerful weapon within us. Love. Love, what is it? It’s the reason we are here. To experience heaven on earth, it’s to feel a spiritual connection in our human body.

Empowering the divine feminine within your spirit, she rises and gives honor to the divine masculine. There is harmony within, creating a ripple of love into your life and beyond, blessing all those who come in contact with your radiant soul.

Tantra Scottsdale Arizona Sensual Touch Massage Men Women Couples
Connection to others is what we crave in the core of our beings. To be heard and understood.
What if we could live in our full expression while receiving pure love for the piece of art we were created as. Witnessed in our truth……. Movement,  breathing, touch, harmonized with another human. Dancing to the rhythm that comes from the very center of your soul.
As your life force energy rises through u, you feel a pulse that starts inside of you merge with the pulse of the earth, humanity and all of creation. You feel and know you belong, the soul is craving to feel this heaven on earth.
Make love, be love, feel love.

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