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Sensual Tantra Training Via Webinar and Videos


Train with Lana the Founder of Intuitive Tantra via Webinar & Training Videos

This is a non-sexual tantra training. 503-432-0486

If you have ever wondered about becoming a tantra god or goddess but overwhelmed with all the different courses, Intuitive Tantra can demystify the process and streamline your entry into the Tantra healing world for you.

The Intuitive Tantra sessions offer you a way to provide a session structure to your clients without having to think about what you are going to do in the next session allowing you to focus on the individual and their healing process.

Intensive Tantra Training Programs in just session 1 or learn the full 6 session program. This course will enable you to practice as a Intuitive Tantra Practitioner providing session 1-6 to your clients. You can advertise on our main site or use the information from our site to promote yourself. The Intuitive Tantra training offers a  professional and exciting way to learn and absorb the theories and philosophies.

It will open up a new world for your clients and yourself. Tantra is a mystical industry and the Intuitive Tantra Training can bring some clarity while you enter the world of the God and Goddess. We offer down to earth practical session structures so that you can stay focused as a practitioner offering the stability and safety for your client to explore their own dynamic energy.

The work is deep and rewarding offering individuals the experience to guide others through their own sensual energy and spirituality utilizing the core human connection of touch, the life force energy of breath, organic movements of the body and the power of ones kundalini. This tantra training will provide, tantric theory, philosophy and principles, how to interpret the 12 chakra energy centers, Ayurvedic theory and diagnosis,  how to intuitively guide the eb and flow of sensual energy and the clinical aspects of tantra. Note: This is a non-sexual tantra modality; we do not offer genital touch in our trainings.

The Intuitive Tantra 6 session program provides a structure that allows the practitioner to take their clients on a journey as they follow the program through its steps, each step reaching a deeper understanding of themselves and their purpose in the world that surrounds them. This is an incredible rewarding experience for the practitioner as well as the client. Intuitive Tantra training is an intensive training however not rushed. It is important to us that the new tantra practitioner  feels prepared and supported. The Intuitive Tantra program uses the sensual kundalini energy to provide the expansion of the body in a way to clear energy and allow the natural flow to restore.

Certifications Available:

Chakras, Breath and Kundalini Channel Training.

3 hour training on the Fundamental Philosophy of Tantra Breathwork and Kundalini channel via Webinar or live in Portland. $350

Train as a contract practitioner and work for Intuitive Tantra.

This training you will receive training at no cost however there is a holding deposit required as our clients pay you directly. A percentage of your session is paid to cover admin and booking costs.

Email us at

OR Experience our Professional Practitioner Trainings and work for yourself. On this contract you receive 100% of your session price.

Cost for Sessions on the Professional Practitioner Contract:

Train in our Session 1 Surrender session only $600

This is a great way to get started in the Tantra industry. You will receive comprehensive training to complete a full tantra session. You will receive a manual and one month listing on the Intuitive Tantra website.  Marketing information and business ideas also offered in the training.

(Add on Session 2 later $250 Add on session 3 $250 Add on the Advanced session $500)

Train in our Session 1 Surrender and Session 2 Awareness sessions only $800

By training in the 2 sessions you will be able to offer your clients the next sessions to move onto.

Train in our Session 1 Surrender , Session 2 Awareness and Session 3 Sanctuary $1,000

By training in the foundational 3 sessions you will have a solid understanding of how to take your clients on a tantra journey.  The sessions are progressive and by offering more complexity your clients will feel your expertise.

Advanced Sessions $500 – This is a 3 hour webinar course and includes all our advanced sessions as well as well as couples sessions and how to prepare a group workshop.

We offer ongoing support to all our trainees at no cost.

By training in the Intuitive Tantra Program you will be able to advertise yourself as an Intuitive Tantra Practitioner and utilize the marketing and sessions details.  You will be able to take 100% of your sessions making this a quick return on investment. Practitioners generally regain this investment in just the first 1-2 weeks of offering sessions.

Kama Sutra Dance For Your Lover Training

Free Your Sensual Essence, Power and Love


3 Hours $250 one-on-one private trainings

This training is offered in person and by webinar.

Embrace your sensual self through this sacred dance. The Kama Sutra Dance is for everyone. Discover how these slow sensual movements help you feel alive in your own body, putting us in touch with our hearts, ourselves, our lovers, our friends and the world.

You will experience true inner joy as each gesture opens you up helping you to gain power in your own body. You will release tensions and blocks through this magical dance and find your playful, loving nature.

This is an amazing dance that allows you to flourish in freedom and full expression of your sensual self.

Kundalini Energetics Professional Training

Kundalini Energetics Certification Training – 2 full Days $750


Two dynamic full days covering all aspects of Kundalini anatomy and Marma point therapy. This training is suitable for massage therapists, reiki practitioners, energy healers, yoga teachers and the everyday curious person.

This 2 day training is a dynamic and interactive experience held in person or by webinar. At the completion of the training you will be able to offer your clients one of the most exciting and ancient healing modalities now being offered in massage clinics and spas around the world. This training will offer you the ability to work with your clients on a deeper and more healing energetic level. Learn to activate the kundalini energy of the body to energize chakras, clear meridian paths for physical, emotional and spiritual clarity.

This is not a massage course but can be added into massage services or done without massage. An excellent add on to your massage spa menu or energy healing practice. This practice is an excellent add on for yoga teachers, connecting the mama points during your students asana to open the pose and to reach a deeper energetic movement during the pose, accessing the powerful inspiration of the kundalini energy, balancing the emotions and quieting the heart.

Training Includes:

  • Kundalini Dharma talks and discussions
  • The 7 chakras in depth
  • Kundalini Chakra diagnostic compositing
  • 100 Marma Point locations and their importance in cellular communication.
  • Marma Point Energy Cultivation and Balancing – Connecting the energy from point to point.
  • Learning to recognize imbalances at mama points.
  • Corresponding Marma points to each chakra
  • Dosha knowledge and diagnostic indicators
  • Mudras – Energetic hand sculptures
  • Client awareness, expectations and sensate therapy Supervised practice to get you ready for clients Marketing and business skills (private consultations available)
  • Free one year Profile on
  • Referral options

Certificate provided upon completion.

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