Goddess Rose

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My search for my own healing has led me down a path to assist and support others to discover  and birth their own inner healer. My richly spiritual and mystical Filipino ancestry along with my travels and work experience have been the soil that has nourished my own empathic abilities and calling to energy work.  I have witnessed the deep suffering and unfulfilled potential that takes place when people remain at odds with their inner seemingly dual nature. This divide is between their conscious desires and their repressed subconscious selves, their inner masculine and feminine polarities.  Creating harmony and unity between these selves can create space for authentic growth, allowing these two poles to nourish each other rather than fighting in conflict. No more faking it until you make it, no more inner turmoil, no more fear and mistrusting yourself. Joy becomes a reality, and you are grounded in faith in your personal power and your connection to sacred divinity.   

Tantra is a sacred pathway that can support this goal of unity and healing.  I feel so much awe and gratitude at the continued integration and love I feel as I continue to deepen my sense of nonduality within myself instead of fighting and fearing my desires.  I am so honored and motivated to be a witness and guide for others who are ready to deepen their healing journey through Tantra.


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