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I’m Goddess Karína and I welcome you to your first sacred intimacy session. It will be an honor to guide you into the realms of your senses, dropping into your body and out of your mind.

Since my first experience of tantric intimacy played a pivotal role in all my future relating and relationships, I know you’re in for a treat.

I found myself gazing into the eyes of several different men I’d never met before.

Until that moment, my experiences of intimacy had included turning off the lights and getting into bed. I don’t remember even kissing anyone with our eyes open! But on that fateful evening we were instructed to gaze into the eyes of men I’d never met before. And though we were fully clothed, I found that experience more intimate than many of the times I’d had sexual relations in the past.

That night left me feeling a tremendous mix of grief and joy. The grief was due to my not having felt real intimacy and the joy was from the awareness of what might be possible.

At that time, single and in my 30’s, with a glimpse of what might be possible, I made a decision to learn everything I could about tantra and intimacy. And so I began my journey studying with a variety of tantra and relationship teachers including Charles and Caroline Muir, Margot Anand and David Deida. Additionally, I have my Expansion for Sexual Expansion certificate from the Institute of Human Abilities.

In our work together we’ll explore a combination of intimate touch and communication. My commitment is to help my clients experience who they are in their essence. This might include getting in touch with and releasing possible sadness to make room for more joy, pleasure, love and intimacy.

My background as a certified teacher and relationship coach, along with having had a successful marriage and amicable divorce, qualifies me to address many different issues, both relational and physical. I’m trained in level 1 reiki as well as a variety of massage modalities. I’ve also been an image consultant focused mostly on working with men’s wardrobes and style, both personal and professional. I’m committed to do what it takes to help you create an irresistible and juicy life moving forward, particularly when starting over after a divorce or break up.

In our work together we’ll explore a combination of intimate touch and communication resulting in you feeling more yourself than ever before.

My work with men, women and couples results in people loving themselves and one another more, with enhanced communication bgetween them.

I’m committed to my clients feeling comfortable enough to reveal what has been getting in the way of them having their desires met. This can include conversations about hormones and erectile dysfunction if pertinent.

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