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Goddess Liila


Hi, my name is Liila, and I am delighted that you found me here!
I chose the path of tantra when I realized that the path of enlightenment is the path of sensuality, and that this very world, our everyday lives and our very bodies are the expressions and experience of enlightenment.
Through conscious breathing and conscious feeling, and fully being present in our bodies, we can deeply open to the experience of life rather than being trapped in the mind. Not only is this the beginning of enlightenment, it is the game changer that allows us to live the life that we want to live, filled with passion, joy, and abundance.
As an Intuitive Tantra practitioner, which is a NON-sexual modality, I am happy to assist and inspire your journey of tantra, sensuality, and enlightenment.
Our sessions will be conducted in a safe space where you can relax and be in touch with your true self through the experience of sensuality, breath work, and spiritual connection. You will be able to fully be in your body and allow your natural spiritual energy to flow freely within you, which will enhance not only your sensual experience, but your experience of life in general. Through our sessions, you will be able to experience the magnificence of yourself, of who you really are, relax into the truth that all is indeed well in your life, and let go of the “shoulds,””buts,” and “coulds ” of the mind. In this relaxed space of self-acceptance you will be able to heal old wounds, let go of blockages, experience breakthroughs, and receive inspirations and new ideas.
I work with men, women, couples, and LGBTQ community.
I am trained in various healing modalities, such as reiki, shiatsu, and massage. I look forward to bringing in the art of touch, the compassionate heart, and the awareness of the spirit into our sessions!

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