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Welcome to this beautiful healing journey. It is an honor and pleasure to get to serve you in my sacred space where you can relax, heal, and connect intimately with the divine. I have been working with energy healing since 2010 and it is my joy to share my wisdom and connection with others. Each energy and body work modality that I practice has its own place. I have decided to add Tantra healing into my repertoire because in our technological world many people were desiring a deeper connection with themselves, with others, and with spirit and this was available through Tantra. Also, Tantra uses sensual energies that are a vital part of our healing and awakening process.

Tantra is a NON-sexual, yet seductive yogic energy practice where divine masculine and divine feminine energies can merge, heal, and benefit both of us. It’s sensual nature is fulfilling, yet it’s ability to change your relationship with yourself and your spirit is what provides its lasting impact. Tantra helps you heal from guilt, betrayal, shame, and disappointment. Also, my loving touch and connection will remind you how loved and special you are. Healing plus love results in your ability to feel your true authentic self and to be able to live your life from your desire. It is this state that allows you live in deep, divine connection and harmony. This is the state that allows you to create the life of your dreams. Knowing these energies within yourself can also spark intense passion and bliss in your bedroom.

An intuitive Tantra session includes breath work, energy work, and light touch. I will guide you through opening energetic portals in your body, connecting with spirit through your breath, and working through energetic blocks. We will balance your energies. Tantra has amazing healing benefits for sexual restriction and sexual issues but please remember that Tantra is simply a form of healing with the purpose of balancing energy so that you can physically heal and feel better. I work professionally and solely for the purpose of healing. I will never pass legal professional conduct.

After your session you will feel more present and less trapped in your mind. You will feel more connected and able to move from choice rather than set patterns. Your creative spark will be ignitedFreya eyes closed and your passion will radiate.

My healing space is warm and inviting with sacred items from around the world that I have collected as I have journeyed and prayed in a sacred way. My space reflects me, feminine, worldly, and with a deep connection to spirit. I find its energy healing and invite you to experience the space that gives me such joy.

I work with men, women, couples, and LGBTQ community.
I am a reiki master, certified reflexologist, level 3 Healing Touch practitioner as well as trained in Jin Shin Jatsu and massage.

I am excited to play with you, love on you, and nurture your entire being. Let me be your guide into the mysteries of Tantra where you will find a fountain of bliss. I also look forward to guiding in the healing that you need to take the next step in you soul’s journey.

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