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Hello there lovely I am Saraswati. I look forward to working with Tantra Orlando to bring more light and love into your world. I believe we all are connected and connection begins with learning how to do so with ourselves. I create a safe space to hep you find balance and restoration in your life. I have been working with energy in different forms since 2015 when I first began practicing yoga. I now in addition work with energy by helping people tune into the different energy points in their bodies and learning how to connect the mind and body as one. Tantra healing helps bring awareness to the self in which slowly you begin to tune into your own inner voice. By doing this watch the stuck areas of your life and cross roads become a clear and open path. I believe we all have an inner goddess and with practice and patience I can help you find yours. I also help you learn how to awaken your Kundali energy which brings abundant amounts of peace and creativity. Let us work together to help you unravel all the stuck energy to create more love and warmth through out your life.

“Let my idle chatter be the muttering of prayer, my every manual movement the execution of ritual gesture, my walking a ceremonial circumambulation, my eating and other acts the rite of sacrifice, my lying down prostration in worship, my every pleasure enjoyed with dedication of myself, let whatever activity is mine be some form of worship of you.” 
― Adi ShankaracaryaThe Saundaryalahari or Flood of Beauty


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