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Peace and Love,
I am Goddess Khora.
I am here to raise our vibrational frequency through the healing arts. I inspire individuals to liberate themselves and live to their highest purpose.
In an Intuitive Tantra session with me, you will feel the sacred touch enhanced with aromatherapy to release stress and blockages in the body and an energetic balancing to harmonize your chakra centers.
As a Certified Acutonics Sound Healer, I will create a totally relaxing experience in the soothing sounds of meditation music as you free your mind of fear and anxiety.
You may choose to enjoy sound healing with the Himalayan singing bowls, chakra chants, music and dance. I will guide you through sensual and creative movement and breathing technique to awaken the kundallini, our vital life force.

You will learn natural alternatives to address sexual health concerns and discuss what it means to cultivate your sexual energy and awaken your creative powers. Know what it means to be a better lover for yourself and others in the tantra practice. I also offer holistic nutritional support and Passion Tonics to re-charge the mind and body.

As a healer, I have worked in the fields of kundallini yoga, dance and sound healing, and superfood nutrition for several years. I have acquired a Kundallini Yoga for Youth Certification, a Zumba Fitness Certification and Reiki attunements.

“Tantra has been a subject that has drawn my curiosity and desire to experience and learn.
khora brought to me in my first experience of Tantra, a total sense of heart chakra cleansing and release.
Tantra has been assumed to be an art that promotes sexuality.
What she introduced to my journey is a jewel far more fulfilling than sexual gratification. I now recognize Tantra as the yoga that reunites the threefold self; that is mind body spirit to a synergistic whole.
Thank you khora for such pure expression.
Looking forward to my next session.”

“Khora has made my first Tantra session a permanent movement in my memory.

For the first time I am able to see the unity between sexual health and spirituality.

At first, when she spoke to me of Tantra, I thought of it as spiritual peoples replacement for sex.

I imagined eating granola and tofu burgers. BLAND…

When she used the singing bowls to energise and heal my chakras.

I felt the energy in my scrotum connect in my heart.

She guided me with breathing meditation and mantra.

I found myself experiencing subtle orgasms while she performed light brushing movements.

I considered the session due to difficulties achieving and maintaining erection.

As soon as she made movements and tones with the bowls I sensed change in the circulation around my genitals.

When she moved into the postures with me I was able to not only get erection, it remained throughout the session.

She has begun training and coaching me in holding on to my ejaculation.

She is so very professional and non judgmental in her approach that my confidence is restored and I am much more balanced in my emotions.

Thank you Khora for an erotically healing experience.

Looking forward to moving on to the next level session.”~Mike

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