We live in a digital world that is saturated with information yet completely void of real personal connection!! Touch gazing in one another’s eyes has been shadowed out by our iPhones it’s sadly we have lost contact with deep raw real face to face and in relationship body to body connection in a more sensual loving way. Touch and intimate connection are a VERY crucial part of life that most of us aren’t feeling satisfied in – especially our Intimate lives.

I have always been interested in Sacred Intimacy body work and massage and Intimacy coaching and it’s link to joy and stress relief. When our sensuality is shut down and we are not able to find it our relationships suffer with ourselves and our beloved partners.

Finding desire and passion again is a journey I can assist you with. I specialize in intimacy coaching and Tantra massage for couples How do you reconnect with that sacred sensual energy to bring back into your relationships? I can help guide you to a deeper self discovery of your own intimate nature via Intuitive sacred touch. I work with couples, females, and the LGBT communities in a place of non-judgement, where open communication can prevail to help your body open and feel all the sensations it was designed organically to feel.

Tantra comes from the Sanskrit verbal root tan, meaning ‘to weave’. It is about weaving the realities of life with honesty, sensuality, compassion, and truth. The tantric path is the art and science of connection and union. Put into practice, it will help you in personal healing and transformation and in your relationships, help to develop your potential for ecstacy and Tantra is a practice of calling awareness to our senses- touch, taste, sight, sound, smell– and finding the bliss in the simple pleasures of life. Free from the duality of good and bad, the tantric path is one of play, surrender and bliss!!

I found Tantra in early 2000 on extended travels to Southeast Asia and I earned my advance massage therapy degree from Esalen institute in Big Sur, became a certified yoga instructor scholar of eastern philosophies and received advance education in intimacy coaching with numerous experts including Dr Gina Ogden PHD of Harvard I was drawn to this work as a part my own intimate awakening, and have experienced first hand the healing- The practice has helped me evolve into a mature healer goddess with a mature understanding of personal intimacy for couples and has given me tools to help empower others. I am so excited that you happened upon my page. It’s my life purpose to help guide and assist couples who have a great intimate life and are looking for a renewed spark and to learn new ways of loving each other and couples whom which the spark is gone or very dim. Passion can be revitalized and rejuvenated !!!! I m warm loving compassionate respectful and have over a decade of experience in working in body work intimacy coaching and Tantra. I customize each session for each couple and have two gorgeous locations on the central coast One in Pismo Beach Calif and one in San Luis Obispo Ca Both with romantic lodging options.

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