10 Surprising Erogenous Zones for Women 

October 23, 2020 Lilith Firefly

10 Surprising Erogenous Zones for Women 


10 Surprising Erogenous Zones Women breathwork chakras online web

By Goddess Stephanie

10 Surprising Erogenous Zones for Women 

Let us talk about spots for women that can stimulate orgasms. These spots are called Erogenous zones.  Wait, what the heck is that? This may be surprising. Erogenous, let’s break it out. “Ero” means Love in Greek, and “genous”  means producing in Greek. These 10 zones are extra sensitive areas of the body that can make sex more fun and unforgettable.  

Where are these spots, and how can you find them? Well, it is different for every woman. But some areas are most common in most women. Here is a list that you can start with. Don’t be shy! 

  • Ears: Gently nibble on the lobes 
  • Scalp: Run fingers through hair 
  • Nape of the neck: Caress with the fingernails 
  • Armpits: Rub in slow circles 
  • Inner Wrist: Softly kiss and lick 
  • Lower Back: Stimulate with an ice cube 
  • Fingertips: Tenderly suck while maintaining eye contact 
  • Stomach: Tickle with a cold washcloth 
  • Butt: Lightly rub or finger 
  • Back of the knee: Massage with fingers and tongue 

Why or what to do to these sites that can give excitement during intercourse?  


Our ears have hundreds of sensory receptors inside. You want to lightly trace the outside of the ear then down to the earlobes where you will kiss and nibble. This should be done gently.  


Our scalp is full of nerve endings. Can you think of a time where you went to get your hair done and when they massaged your head or played with your hair? How well did that feel? While you are kissing,  run your fingernails through her hair.  

Nape of the neck 

Located at the back of the neck, this is a fantastic hot spot. This may be a challenging area to get to during the deed, but running your fingers lightly will do just fine. Start the evening by coming behind her, kissing her so lightly at the nape of the neck. 


What, the armpits? Yes indeed. Most women are ticklish in the armpits and can be translated into sexual sensitivity. Start with light touching, getting her to relax. Accelerate into brisker motions allowing her to feel aroused and excited.  

Inner Wrist 

Such a sexy spot. This spot is a great way to start the mood. Most women love to have their wrist caressed and kissed. Start by softly caressing the skin of the inner wrist. Making her feel loved and wanted. During the deed, grab her hand and softly kiss and lick her inner wrist. This will make her eyes roll back! 

Lower Back 

Lots of sexual stimulations flow to the lower back. Your focus is on the sacrum. You want to touch and tickle the area softly. Many women love to have an ice cube or heating pad to stimulate the area.  


Your fingertips are one of the most sensitive areas that can give great pleasure. Your fingers feel everything. Sucking or playing with her fingertips will bring chills down her spine. During the deed, this is a fantastic stimulator that will get her going.  


We are talking about the lower belly. The lower abdomen is so close to the “take me” spot that touching this area can promote blood flow to her clit and vagina. So tease and touch with your fingers and tongue.  


Yes, I do mean the anal. It is not about penetrating the anal. It is about caressing the outside of it. You want to lightly touch around it and barely putting your finger into the anal. This will give shooting nerve ends up the spin and incredible orgasms. It is important to know your partner with this technique. If she is not into anal play, you may only want to slowly caress and allow her to feel comfortable with it gradually.  

Back of the Knee 

Most places that people miss is the back of the knee. The sensitivity to this area is high. It is also ticklish,  another way it can make the deed fun. Start with massaging her legs and focusing on the back of the knees with both your fingers and tongue. 

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