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Tantra Workshop in Brooklyn, New York December 7th and 8th!

Deep Tantra: Exploring the Depths of Love, Intimacy and Relationship A unique experiential weekend aimed at helping you transform yourself and your relationship to intimacy, sex and love About this Event Transform your experiences into ones that are liberating, sensual and spiritual. This includes the experience of lovemaking! Learn the foundational philosophies and practices of30

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Hands, Tantra and Practice

Hands are two of the most magically recognized parts the body. As the late mathematician Bronowski quotes; “The hand is the cutting edge of the mind.” Some would also believe that it is the messenger for the heart and the soul.  If you think of it, the principals of Tantric healing are present within them.30

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Meditation and Root Chakra

By Goddess Ashira  Meditation and Root Chakra  Meditation and Root Chakr In our frantic modern world, meditation is becoming more and more popular as people search for ways to relax, de-stress, accelerate their spiritual development and enhance their quality of life. meditation and root chakra The words hold so much power and combined with the30

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Tantra has been assumed to be an art that promotes sexuality. What she introduced to my journey is a jewel far more fulfilling than sexual gratification. I now recognize Tantra as the yoga that reunites the threefold self; that is mind body spirit to a synergistic whole.   Thank you khora for such pure expression. Looking forward to my next session.”  

San Francisco Tantra

( Menachim, San Francisco, CA )

I've had my first two sessions with Nandi, and both have been excellent. I appreciate her warm, personable manner which helps me feel at ease. The breathing techniques she's taught me have been a big help. I'm happy to recommend her.

Tantra Atlanta

( Jim )

Goddess Kanixa truly deserves the title. She is beautiful, kind, and clearly much in tune with the energies of healing. The Goddess' sessions have opened emotional and physical pathways in me that have been blocked for many years. She has led me to see my connections with self and world in dramatically new ways that I'd have never guessed on my own. Her intuitive sense is remarkable, and she enters into her art with grace and gentle patience. The path Kanixa has shown me leads to what, I cannot say. But I do know that every time I see her I come away more solidly grounded, more aware of my own inner landscape, and aching to see what mysteries lie around the next bend.

Eugene, OR Tantra

( -Max )

"I am divinely blessed to have Kanixa in my life. My perspectives on life changed immediately after my first session. She has purged the anxiety, stress and fear from my mind, body and spirit that was surfacing daily as aches & pain. My mind is open to co-operation and not competition now in this world. I can now see the pain in peoples eyes and all I want to do is spread the word of her amazing healing gift. These sensual sessions opened my eyes to the huge divide between sensuality and sexuality which is misunderstood by almost everyone I know. Kanixa is creating a better world one person at a time with her healing practice. Do you want to align your mind, body and spirit? Do you want to find your trinity? Do you want to open your eyes for the very first time in your life? Everyone needs the healing arts in their life. I am deeply loved and divinely blessed. Thank-you Kanixa."

Tantra Eugene

( Chris Worsley, Eugene, OR )

“Shakti has such an immense power radiating from her being that one can't help but feel invigorated or shaken from her mere presence. Her ability to tap into the universal truth and knowingness gives her the ability to cultivate healing and transformation on a personal and global scale. Her happiness and strength pour from her effortlessly, the love she exudes breaks down personal barriers while strengthening the bond we all share and reminds us of our oneness."

San Diego Tantra

( Derrick )

"I sensed more power and energy from my heart this morning when I did my gratitude meditation after our session yesterday. I am grateful for your energy work, what you taught me and the shift I felt. I am still soaking it in and processing the effects from our session. I really how heart centered and transformational it is. I felt yesterday's work was absolutely a catalyst to move things on the right track for my life and my relationship.”

Tantra San Diego

( Rick )

"Although I knew very little about Tantra, I would say that my sessions (non-sexual) with Kanixa taught me more about Tantra than what a Google search could. She's definitely well versed in the Tantric arts. The use of music and chants during the sessions created a really relaxed environment. I didn't do all the sessions, but the few that I did do helped me reduce some stress and leave with new energy after each session. The different breathing exercises were really helpful and could be used virtually anywhere to get yourself in a relaxed mood. I would recommend her to anyone under any type of stress or anyone who's just curious about Tantra/Tantric healing."

Oregon Tantra Eugene

( Liman )

"My partner and I were a bit nervous and Lalita helped us to feel calm and comfortable from the beginning. This was very important for since it's difficult for me to relax. She is a great teacher with beautiful energy. Everything that was taught flowed beautifully."

Tantra Portland Oregon

( M&L )

"The time I spent with Lalita was very moving. I felt the energy inside of me expand more then ever before. I felt my body release in ways it never has. My body was electric, my skin sensitive to every touch. I am looking forward to the next chance I can learn from her."

Portland Tantra

( Tim )

"I've struggled with Premature Ejaculation to the point that I had given up hope of ever having normal sexual relations. However, after incorporating the mental and physical exercises and the utilizing the breathing and relaxtion techingues I learned from Lalita during our first session, I was able to manitain control long enough to have a beautiful and mutually enjoyable sexual experience. Thank you Lalita...you are a miracle worker!!"

Tantra Portland

( J.R. )

Goddess Kanixa help open my throat Chakra in a single session of massage and chakra activation. Perceptions of how my restriction of my inner voice was repressing my whole life and consciousness. Her space have very high energy. Her sessions are straight forward designed to open your energetic system to its own awareness. The massage is unique, and non sexual. If you want an aligning of your chakras she is you guide.

Eugene Oregon Tantra

( Gnostic Friar )

I recently completed the first three intuitive tantra sessions with Kanixa. The sessions were fantastic. The location is easy to find and very comfortable. Kanixa makes you feel very welcome and at peace right away. The sessions are extremely relaxing and help you get centered. I have a lot of stress at work and home, and the sessions have helped me to relax a great deal. I felt very comfortable with Kanixa and plan to continue to keep seeing her. I highly recommend these sessions to anyone else who wants to relax and learn how to breathe and get more centered. I greatly look forward to our next session.


Tantra Eugene Oregon

( Michael )

Experience The Art Of Sacred Sensuality - Start Your Journey Today