The Benefits of Tantra

Learn About the Benefits of Tantra

Tantra to Balance the Fire in the Belly

Digestion, absorption and nutrition of the body’s cellular tissues are governed by the fire principle agni in Ayurvedic medicine. A healthy fire energy in the body can help promote digestion and aid the body’s absorption of the nutritional intake helping with nourishment and immune resistance. When our fire energy is low metabolic wastes can build up leaving us with a sluggish, low energy, low libido, irritability, allergies and lack of passion. With long term accumulation toxins will enter the channels and organs. Intuitive Tantra sessions are designed to increase the fire energy within to bring back the passion of life, to increase circulation and metabolism to remove toxins. With an excess of fire energy hyperactivity, irritability, insatiable sexual drive, premature ejaculation, inflammation and ulceration may occur.

Intuitive Tantra Sessions are designed to help balance the fire energy in the body. Promotion of the specific breaths as well as the sensual kundalini energy will help to heat up the accumulated fluids to help flush out of the body as well as cool down the excess so that the body fluids do not become diminished.

Symptoms of deficiency in Fire energy

  • gas and bloating
  • loss of taste
  • constipation and loose stools
  • heavy sensations
  • low energy
  • cold hands and feet
  • low libido
  • erectile dysfunction
  • swelling of the limbs
  • edema

Symptoms of Excess in Fire energy

  • hyperactivity
  • inflammation
  • high libido
  • irritation
  • acid reflux
  • hot painful joint pain
  • excessive sweating
Erectile Health

When there is a lot of stress, the body needs to preserve blood to nourish the vital organs. When this happens erectile function can be compromised as erections will get pushed down the priority list. Stress can be from just trying to accomplish everyday tasks, to financial stress or past traumas that may have occurred. This stress may limit you in your connection with others inhibiting the nerves that supply the penile tissues with the correct neurotransmitters of nitric oxide so that blood can flow in. Tantra sessions are a way to reduce stress through breath activating the nerves that supply the nitric oxide and also help to support the central nervous system so that you can maintain an erection when you need them. Men can achieve erections in two ways. One is by manual stimulation and the other by sensory. Many men explain to us they can only obtain an erection through manual stimulation however this only activates a low percentage of the nitric oxide that is takes to maintain an erection. Intuitive tantra sessions offers you a way to tap into the sensory nervous system so that your body is producing the correct amount of nitric oxide when you need it. This is done by using the breath to activation of the base chakra located at the base of the spine where the pudendal nerve is located in the lower back on the sacral foramen. Nourishing this nerve will allow the body to produce the correct neurotransmitters so your sensual energy can trigger the brain to reach every part of your body. Intuitive tantra practitioners are trained in the sensual aspects of tantra as well as the clinical benefits to help you understand the benefits of the progressive nature of the program.

Ejaculation Health

Men can often experience premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation and retro-ejaculation. These concerns can occur when the nervous system is out of balance. Erections are under the control of the parasympathetic nervous system and ejaculation is under the control of the sympathetic nervous system. Tantra breathing can help to regulate the nervous systems by stimulating the vagus nerve. This nerve is activated by the diaphragm when breathing deep into the body.

Intuitive tantra practitioners will guide you into the most effective breaths to help you balance your nervous system allowing your body to respond in its most natural way. If you have been experiencing ejaculation concerns for a long time or a short time Intuitive tantra sessions can help you overcome your concerns and start to enjoy your sensual side of life.

General Symptoms That Clients See Relieved by Intuitive Tantra Sessions

  • Erectile function
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Increase Libido
  • Balances excessive sexual obsessions
  • Pain: physical and emotional
  • Stress and feelings of easily getting irritated
  • Road rage
  • Foggy mind and lack of concentration
  • Improves memory
  • Calms obsessive thoughts
  • Insomnia
  • Digestive concerns
  • Sensitivity to others
  • Improves passion for life
Benefits Of Tantra For Women

Tantra is the ancient core of Indian spiritual traditions that is based on connection with universal philosophies. It is a spiritual path, an art, a lifestyle and a science. The word Tantra is a Sanskrit word that means the art of transforming poison into nectar, to weave and to bring creation through processes. The basic philosophy of Tantra is that all of us are  reflections of the entire cosmos, which means no energy exists in this universe that is not in our bodies and there is no energy in our bodies that doesn’t exist in this universe.

Tantra is composed of different techniques and mechanisms that uses energy management to bring about our highest good. It connects us with our energy channels so that we may route them to achieve higher levels of consciousness for physical and spiritual boosts. In short Tantra helps one to explore their inner powers and release mental and physical blocks that inhibit personal progression. By entering oneself with perceiving consciousness, all the aspects of emotions, mind, and body are revealed in their refined potential; divinity. Therefore, it is also one of the reasons that in Tantra, the person who practices learns to honor this in themselves and and everything around them. Anyhow, apart from diving deep into Tantra, which is no doubt a never ending concept, let’s get to our topic which is to highlight the benefits of Tantra for women.

Tantra and Women

There is great potential in regards to the correlation between Tantric healing and women’s health.  It is not limited to making woman a more appropriate receptacle of man’s sexual advancements. Tantra is a life concept that helps to promote overall health of a woman and channels all of her energy more productively.

No doubt that the world we live in today is technologically growing and each day different inventions takes place to comfort society but as a byproduct we are going through a hectic and stressed pace of life and this has by no means spared women. Women are just as equally subjected to burnout and stress as men. Therefore in this hectic pace of life Tantra serves as a life saver that practices refined forms of primordial yogic science to promote energy and calms down the mind. A good tantra practitioner can also build trust with their patients. The nature of tantra is to allow one to simply be as they are and not to be intrusive or judgmental.

Tantra is very different from other conventional exercises that are usually practiced because in those exercises our body consumes energy while in Tantra energy is generated, if practiced under the supervision of experienced tantric professional; Tantra is unquestionably a great blessing to the women of today’s modern world.

Tantra and the Sacred Feminine

Tantra practices are followed by slow and steady body movements to switch from one posture to another and each posture is maintained for a particular period of time with calm and unhurried breathing. Tantra is considered to be an ideal path for a woman to recoup health, strength, and well-being. The noteworthy nature of this lifestyle concept is gentleness and that is the dynamic feature of Sacred feminine.

How Does It Work?

In Tantra the accent is on inner balance, light symmetric, and smooth movements that energize, strengthen and heal the mind, spirit and the body. This emphasis also brings up emotional and mental balance. In addition, there is no age limits for Tantra and women of all ages can practice it without any limits but again, an experienced tantric guide is recommended in order to maximize the benefits.

Tantra is an effective, powerful and stress free system offers a miraculous lifestyle to women of all age groups and body types.

Noteworthy Benefits of Tantra for Women

Women who experienced Tantric healing have reported some of the amazing benefits that resulted from the vital flow of energy throughout the body and improved level of blood circulation due to breathing practices of Tantra. Those benefits are:

  • Improvement in overall energy
  • Decreased stress levels
  • Provides the relief of tension in muscles
  • Improvements in maintain vitality and youth
  • Improvements in complexion and reduction of wrinkles
  • Improvements in sexual pleasures for longer durations because Tantra system enables a woman to reach the fullest potentials of sexuality, both emotionally and physically


Benefits of practicing Tantra are wonderful and endless. One who is practicing might not experience the enlightenment immediately but a continuous practice brings up invaluable benefits and being as woman it will provides you improved and energized ways of viewing the world around you.

Couples and Tantric Massage

Being human, it is our nature to desire more intimacy and connectivity in our relations. Moreover, we are also attracted to spiritual and scared connections. Individuals from all age groups, sexual orientations, and genders, are always finding a place where they can connect with their spirit, mind, and body. Tantra is a call for all those who wish to deepen their relationships with their partners, with themselves, and with other around them.

In this technologically run world, we perform most of our communications through tech gadgets because partners are busy in their full time jobs and most of the communication is limited to parenting needs; this is the point where most couples drift apart. At that point, Tantra drifts in to rejuvenate the passion, to ignite the new bond, and to let the partners realize why they are in the relationship… and why they have decided to share their lives.

Tantra helps couples by means of equipping them with simple concepts and techniques, which can be practiced in a daily life by partners to be connected on a much deeper level. This opens up new ways to be in the relationship with more passion, care, and helps build productive intentions. Being a Tantra-practicing couple, the ways you explore sexuality changes, you start to build a soulful relationships with your lives and with each other. You start experiencing the feeling of oneness, you explore the ways to your spiritual journey, and, last but not least, you utilize your inner potential to be a better human.

How Does It Work?

The Tantric treatment helps to unfold the blocked energies all over the body and awaken the KUNDALINI. Kundalini is an  energy that rests at the bottom of the spine. When awakened, it spreads out along the spine, throughout the body, and allows both partners to acquire sacred sensuality levels.

Those sacred sensuality levels are followed up with different movements and using various massages at specific points, but to learn this art, the presence of an experienced tantric professional is must. At Intuitive Tantra, couples are offered guided massage sessions by Tantric professionals who have been practicing this art for more than a decade. These Tantric massages for couples trigger the dormant energy fields within their bodies, and as a result, these energy fields help the couples unite in an ecstatic way, releasing the physical and mental pain trapped inside their bodies, because the Tantric way of treatment reaches down to the spiritual parts where an ordinary massage cannot.

Benefits of Tantra for couples

Although for Tantric couples the benefits (both physical and mental) of Tantric massage are countless, the most significant benefits include:

  • It relieves stress
  • It allows couples to make thoughtful and conscious use of their personal spaces
  • It boosts up the immune system as a result of antibodies or immunoglobulin development in higher rates
  • It helps to burn extra calories
  • It helps to become more personally empowered and fulfilled
  • Improved blood circulation levels
  • It helps in strengthening of muscles
  • And, last but not least, it offers better detoxification


Tantric ways provide directions for more joyful, passionate, and thoughtful lives in today’s hectic world for couples. Moreover, Tantra massages for couples under the direction of experienced tantric professional with help you equip with tools and concepts that you can practice in your daily lives for improved and passionate lifestyle.


Tantra and Pain

Many people are desperately looking for ways to help with pain in the body both emotionally and physically. So here we look at how tantra can treat pain. The Ayurvedic concept of pain is a signpost for prompting the body to pay attention and be self aware. It is the body trying to communicate that something needs attention. Many are aware alternative therapies such as acupuncture can be beneficial for pain relief and just like acupuncture tantra sessions are an effective way to relieve pain without the invasive needles. The approach with both acupuncture and the Ayurvedic tantric approach is to not just treat the symptoms but to address the underlying pathology.

Pain in Sanskrit is duhkha, which means “suffering.” The vata dosha governs movement and circulation so if there is a disturbance within this dosha, pain with occur. Pain is attributed to a deficiency in prana (life force energy) which is a similar concept as stagnation of qi and blood in Chinese Medicine.

Similar to acupuncture points the Ayurvedic system has marma points, these energy points are doorways to tapping into the kundalini energy of the body. Intuitive Tantra sessions also utilizes the powerful sensual energy to move the obstructions that are causing the pain. By allowing the body to relax with sensual breath stimulating the vagus nerve and para-sympathetic nervous system the body will relax any tension and allow the energy to flow naturally.

The different types of pain that tantra can treat

  • generalized body ache
  • burning inflammatory pain
  • muscular pain
  • pain in the joints: arthritis or traumatic injury
  • neurological pain, psychosomatic pain
  • mental or emotional trauma
  • pain in the reproductive organs

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