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The Institute of Intuitive Tantra provides tantra clients to enthusiastic, energetic and wonderful Tantra people in all major cities. We have had an overwhelming response to our Intuitive Tantra program and need practitioners in many areas.

We need practitioners — Full Time and Part time who will be trained in the Intuitive Tantra Program.

** This is a contract position and practitioners must have THEIR OWN SPACE to work from. Bookings will be made before commencement of training so you can feel confident and start working immediately. We have many clients waiting for a practitioner in your area. This position suits massage therapists who would like to boost their business or healers looking to expand their modalities. This is a non – sexual modality.

The Professional Practitioner fee is highly discounted when working as a contract practitioner.

Trainings are offered in-person and online in the Teachable format with text audio and videos.

Excellent Rate of Pay. You will be paid per session, at the time of the session.

Must have a genuine interest in Tantra and Tantric Therapies.

It is necessary to have an interest and a desire to learn about the chakras, breathwork and healing through kundalini and sensual energy.

We are looking for practitioners with great work ethics, punctuality, honesty and strength and ability to work independently and within a team. If you are working on these strengths this is a great modality to practice.

A few basic administration skills are needed as well as excellent communication skills.

Having the ability to make clients feel comfortable and at ease within your studio/temple ensures return clients.

You will be able to set your own hours and work blissfully barefooted.

Even if you have no experience in Tantra, we encourage you to apply if you feel this position suits you. Philosophy and session structure will be covered in the training.

To apply, email your resumé and a recent photo of yourself to: intuitivetantratrainings@gmail.com 

We ask that you DO NOT call the centre, as this is a client booking line. We are only accepting applications with resumé and recent photo and we will arrange a phone interview with suitable applicants.

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