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Opportunities for Tantra in Dallas Texas

Dallas Texas Benefits Tantra kundalini touch massage chakra

By Goddess Lalita

Dallas, Texas known as “the city of light”. But there’s more to Dallas than just a thriving business district and busy nightlife. This place full of life and love is also where people can heal themselves using tantra. Home to a growing community of people interested in holistic health, there are many benefits for men, women and couples which contributes to its growing popularity. Find out more about what you can do in Dallas if you’re interested in learning how to use these ancient techniques!

The many benefits of tantra include increased stamina, heightened feelings of inner bliss, improved blood flow throughout all parts of the body , deeper breathing techniques which lead to greater mental clarity as well as physical energy boosts after practicing tantra. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can use these powerful tools in your own life, check out some of our favorite places below.

Tantric massage techniques are a great way to connect with yourself or your partner on an intimate level, and it’s no surprise that Dallas residents love this ancient practice! If you would like a one-on-one experience with a tantra professional, a session with our in-house Goddess Emelly should not be missed. She can help guide you through our 6 session sequence while tailoring to your individual needs. She has a wide breadth of experience in tantric healing and other types of therapy in addition.

Tantric yoga is an excellent way to learn about tantra through meditation and movement of the body. It is similar to other types of yoga, but there is a high emphasis on the energetic aspect and movement of the practice. You may find Tantric yoga instructors through the “Living Yoga Dallas” site. They provide classes for kundalini yoga, meditation as well as many other types of courses that will help open up your mind and body!

These are just a few of the great opportunites that you can take part in if you’re interested in Tantra. Dallas has an abundance of natural beauty which makes it a great place to enhance or embark on your journey! We hope this article inspires you to come see what this is about and how it will enhance your life.

Tantra In Denver, Colorado

Tantra in Denver schedule practitioner session today chakras sensuality

A Google search with the keywords “Tantra in Denver, Colorado”, will show that there are many opportunities to schedule with various practitioners and schools.  There are meetup groups, yoga practices, energy workers, and even a body of water called “Lake Tantra”. The presence is great both physical and energetic. Tantra is about ebbing and flowing with yourself and the world around you. It’s about matching your inner reality with the outer world and vice versa. The opportunities for learning and experiencing this are ripe in abundance in the world today and it’s no surprise why there are so many here. Nature itself provides the visual that inspires us to interact with it. Snowy days will call forth outdoor activities, so we bundle ourselves up and immerse ourselves in them. Denver and surrounding areas have over 39,000 miles of hiking trails where one can be amongst various species both plant and animal.  As we allow ourselves to be fully present with the nuances of nature like touching the snow, feeling the ground beneath us as we travel the trails, watching wildlife carry about the day, we are provided tactical experiences in learning about tantric energy flow within ourselves. As we absorb these physical experiences they affect our mental, emotional and spiritual state. This happens through internalizing our outer world through these actions leading to new feelings we can relive in our memory thereafter.

Denver is a great place to study tantra not only because of all of the above opportunities that you can experience firsthand, but you can also work with practitioners who have built their practices around them. They understand the opportunities for you as both a guide and a fellow student and will teach you how to utilize them for your own well-being and empowerment. Schedule with Scarlet or Yamaraj today to begin your personal journey.


10 Surprising Erogenous Zones for Women 


10 Surprising Erogenous Zones Women breathwork chakras online web

By Goddess Stephanie

10 Surprising Erogenous Zones for Women 

Let us talk about spots for women that can stimulate orgasms. These spots are called Erogenous zones.  Wait, what the heck is that? This may be surprising. Erogenous, let’s break it out. “Ero” means Love in Greek, and “genous”  means producing in Greek. These 10 zones are extra sensitive areas of the body that can make sex more fun and unforgettable.  

Where are these spots, and how can you find them? Well, it is different for every woman. But some areas are most common in most women. Here is a list that you can start with. Don’t be shy! 

  • Ears: Gently nibble on the lobes 
  • Scalp: Run fingers through hair 
  • Nape of the neck: Caress with the fingernails 
  • Armpits: Rub in slow circles 
  • Inner Wrist: Softly kiss and lick 
  • Lower Back: Stimulate with an ice cube 
  • Fingertips: Tenderly suck while maintaining eye contact 
  • Stomach: Tickle with a cold washcloth 
  • Butt: Lightly rub or finger 
  • Back of the knee: Massage with fingers and tongue 

Why or what to do to these sites that can give excitement during intercourse?  


Our ears have hundreds of sensory receptors inside. You want to lightly trace the outside of the ear then down to the earlobes where you will kiss and nibble. This should be done gently.  


Our scalp is full of nerve endings. Can you think of a time where you went to get your hair done and when they massaged your head or played with your hair? How well did that feel? While you are kissing,  run your fingernails through her hair.  

Nape of the neck 

Located at the back of the neck, this is a fantastic hot spot. This may be a challenging area to get to during the deed, but running your fingers lightly will do just fine. Start the evening by coming behind her, kissing her so lightly at the nape of the neck. 


What, the armpits? Yes indeed. Most women are ticklish in the armpits and can be translated into sexual sensitivity. Start with light touching, getting her to relax. Accelerate into brisker motions allowing her to feel aroused and excited.  

Inner Wrist 

Such a sexy spot. This spot is a great way to start the mood. Most women love to have their wrist caressed and kissed. Start by softly caressing the skin of the inner wrist. Making her feel loved and wanted. During the deed, grab her hand and softly kiss and lick her inner wrist. This will make her eyes roll back! 

Lower Back 

Lots of sexual stimulations flow to the lower back. Your focus is on the sacrum. You want to touch and tickle the area softly. Many women love to have an ice cube or heating pad to stimulate the area.  


Your fingertips are one of the most sensitive areas that can give great pleasure. Your fingers feel everything. Sucking or playing with her fingertips will bring chills down her spine. During the deed, this is a fantastic stimulator that will get her going.  


We are talking about the lower belly. The lower abdomen is so close to the “take me” spot that touching this area can promote blood flow to her clit and vagina. So tease and touch with your fingers and tongue.  


Yes, I do mean the anal. It is not about penetrating the anal. It is about caressing the outside of it. You want to lightly touch around it and barely putting your finger into the anal. This will give shooting nerve ends up the spin and incredible orgasms. It is important to know your partner with this technique. If she is not into anal play, you may only want to slowly caress and allow her to feel comfortable with it gradually.  

Back of the Knee 

Most places that people miss is the back of the knee. The sensitivity to this area is high. It is also ticklish,  another way it can make the deed fun. Start with massaging her legs and focusing on the back of the knees with both your fingers and tongue. 

Goddess Stephanie with Intuitive Tantra 

Instagram @selflove8677 

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What is the Sacral Chakra?

Intuitive Tantra sensuality weave woven Sensual Touch Massage

By Goddess Stephanie

What is the Sacral Chakra?
The Sacral Chakra is the second Chakra of our Chakra System. It is located about three inches below the navel. Its color is orange. The Sacral Chakra is associated with our emotional body, sensuality, physical action to reproduce, the seed of life creations, and creativity. It is the home to your sexual energies. So you can see why the Sacral Chakra is connected to sexual issues. Stress and life experienced trauma to the Sacral causes us to put up defenses to avoid our true feelings. During lovemaking, the kundalini energy rises from the Root Chakra to the next Chakra. When the kundalini energy rises through the Chakras and hits a blocked Chakra, you cannot feel the real feeling of bliss.

Signs of an imbalanced Sacral
Some examples that your Sacral Chakra may be imbalanced are going from one partner to the next, seeking satisfaction, and the deep longing for one’s other half. Some people may experience a loss of sexual interest. Sexual performance can also be affected. Men will experience premature ejaculation and unable to achieve orgasm. Some will experience being ruled by their emotions. Some can have the feeling of numbness, out of touch with themselves, or how they feel.

How to Balance your Sacral Chakra?
Balancing your Sacral Chakra does take patients, work, and intention. Your Sacral Chakra is essential for your experience of pleasure and infinitely. It is vital for the development of your creativity, passion, joy, and happiness. Some ways of clearing the build-up of negative energy and get your Sacral Chakra spinning again are dancing, moving your hips, laugh, express your creativity, go out and have fun, and yoga moves like the Goddess Pose, Squat Pose, and Bound Angle Pose.

Affirmations for the Sacral Chakra
One thing I love to do is affirmations. You can repeat affirmations during meditation or put a note on the mirror and read them every morning and before bed. Here are some examples you can start with:

  • I am a creative being
  • I have the right to receive pleasure
  • I am sexy
  • I am connected to my partner
  • I am peaceful inside
  • I am a sexual being, and I embrace my sexuality
  • My sexuality is sacred
  • I have no fear of intimacy
  • I am loved
  • I love my bodySay these affirmations with intent and passion. Look at yourself and be dame sure of it!This is only a little bit about the Sacral Charka. The journey to learn and understand the Sacral will go a long way of pleasure and enjoyment. With love, light, and darkness– LET THAT SHIT GO!Namaste my Beloved’s Goddess Stephanie@selflove8677
    @rtbspa @instituteofintuitivetantra

Fear as Fuel

Fear Fuel Tantra

Fear as Fuel

By Daka Simon

Last week a spiritual teacher told me I was “living in fear” because I believed the Coronavirus was real and not a hoax. It’s common for new age spiritualists to use the term “living in fear”. Since when did fear become a bad thing? I’ve been a performing stand-up comic for 14 years and felt fear almost every time before I went onstage. Any time I didn’t feel fear I bombed. Football players feel fear in the tunnel, actors feel fear before the curtain raises, salespeople feel fear before the sales call, all of which are extremely useful human emotions which serve a great purpose and can be transmuted into creative energy. 

Bravery is not the absence of fear but rather acting in the face of fear. Fear is useful to human existence or else we wouldn’t experience it in the first place. An animal in the wild with no fear would be eaten in minutes. During a global pandemic, fear is not only normal but may even help us survive. If our ancestors never felt fear the human race would be unable to propagate and you wouldn’t be here reading this. 

There are two types of fear. One is debilitating fear which stops one from taking action. The other is fear which prompts one to take action. Fear of AIDS makes one wear a condom, fear of losing one’s wife keeps one faithful. Being afraid in a mass casualty pandemic so that you socially distance and wear a mask to protect your tribe or genetic offspring doesn’t have to be a sign of weakness, it can actually be a sign of great strength and intelligence. I hear a lot of new-agers drone on about the word “tribe” and purport that we are all one human tribe. Well if that’s the case the very first rule of any tribe is, don’t kill the tribe! 

The very basic idea of human evolution teaches that when danger comes into an environment any person or animal who is unable to adapt to the change dies off and the future of the species then branches from those who were able to change. Wearing a mask for only a few short months is an example of a minor adaptation that could possibly help assure the survival of future generations of our human tribe. 


World Change, Mental Body “Manomaya Kosha” and Tantra

World Change Mental Body Manomaya Kosha Tantra

World Change, Mental Body “Manomaya Kosha” and Tantra

It is easy to be upset when there are obvious things to be upset about. When the world is moving fast around you and there are a million things to do. When your boss, family, friends, or even a stranger gives you a hard time, there are always problems to be solved. What happens if there are not any problems to be solved? There are always issues in the world to tackle, the environment, human rights people starving! If you are blessed enough to not be without, the right thing to do is help change the world, right?
Distractions are plentiful and never-ending when you find yourself alone with no immediate problem to solve, are you then happy? When your surroundings are still, can you then still your mind? Do you use peaceful moments to think about all the things you need to do? This is the modern way of life for many and it comes as a cost. Our state of consciousness is directly linked to our nervous system. Our nervous system regulates our mind and body systems maintaining a healthy state of homeostasis. Our autonomic nervous system regulates our blood pressure and rate of breathing. Learning how to calm the mind has a profound effect on our overall health and life expectance, energy levels, and emotional state.
In Tantric philosophy, it has long been understood that a healthy mind produces vitality for the body and spirit. The mental body or the Manomaya Kosha is composed of an energy field generated by the mind. This energy field is affected by the person’s current state of mind in Sanskrit called the Manas. the literal meaning for the Manas is to perceive and understand. So how we perceive our reality is literally our state of mind.
The practice of Tantra and healing an agitated state of mind begins with breath awareness. The speed of the mind can be controlled through the practice of pranayama breathing. When we are able to slow down the rate of our mental process we can deepen our awareness of self. The deepened awareness of self allows us to become conscious of the internal workings of our body and our emotional state. Watching our thoughts rather than allowing them to run wild brings us to a more holistic understanding of our own experience internally and externally. This in return lengthens or overall health and vitality and calms an overactive mind. In short when we still the mind we improve the quality of our life in its entirety.
-Goddess Yemaya

Remember the Love Within You

Remember the Love Within You

By Goddess Sasha

Hello everyone. I am so honored to have the opportunity to connect heart to heart with all that find themselves reading this. I was a tantra goddess for two years, and I took two years off to have my baby and care for her. I miss working with others on a deep soul level. Although tantra is different to each individual and there are many interpretations. This is mine….. true raw connection is what we seek, to be witnessed, to be honored. To peel off the mask that we wear and be seen for our unique selves. Held in a sacred space of pure love. Allowing any emotion that is hiding as tension and stress within the body to rise to the surface to be cleared, opening up to miracles. Whatever work we do on the spiritual body, manifests in our physical reality. Allowing our kundalini to rise through our spine with breath and movement. Creation is always done through joy, inspiration, love.

I simply open up a channel from your source of light to the divine light ( all belief systems honored). Masculine and feminine honored. You can literally shift your reality immediately. You are a beautiful soul! Feel your love shining out. As you bless those around you, feel your own life blossom with blessings coming back to you. It’s time to honor your true essence.

We are now offering these sacred sessions online. So we are here to hold space for you to heal, awaken, move or be still. I look forward to connecting with anyone who is on their spiritual journey anywhere in the world. Love to all.

“My temple is my body. My world around me, my altar. My words are spells. Every thought an intension. My actions rituals. To manifest all that will be. I am SACRED.  I am DIVINE. ” ~ Ara

Communication, Growth and Tantra

Communication Growth Tantra

Communication, Growth and Tantra

Communication is part of the web of our interconnectedness and relationship with each other through relating and expressing. It is important to convey your truth, with respect to someone else’s. Many problems in the world today stem from a lack of understanding of each other. Communication differs from person to person based on their individuality and experiences. My personal study of tantra has invoked inner growth and inspired my authentic voice in which I present to the outer world.  Here I will describe how I learned what works best for me on my journey through the practice of tantra.
I value my heart and mind connection. These areas work symbiotically, meeting in the middle where the conjunction materializes through voice and hearing.  If I find difficulty establishing this, I reevaluate my intentions towards interacting with others until there is clarity. I apply this for all conversations and meetings; business, personal, virtual media, and even difficult and sensitive subject matter. Our heart energy is very powerful and healing; in this sense, it has the capacity to change a situation from negative to positive. The mind helps shape ideas inspired by that energy.
I continuously make a concentrated effort to reinforce this pattern and to my surprise, my biggest guide was surprise – my own inner voice. Most of my life I was really hard on myself. I was very strict with expectations and shamed myself when I did not meet them. One day while in meditation I could not relax out of fear that I was doing it wrong. I was ridden with anxiety. When I finally calmed down and relaxed my mind I had a revelation; I needed to have compassion for my personal processes. This was pivotal in my journey. I try to recognize the tone of my self-talk and I continue to flesh out the unpleasantness every day. Most importantly I learned how I wanted to receive compassionate energy from myself. Through this understanding, I revised the way I flowed energy to other people and the way I  presented my truth to the outer world. My goal is to not only give my truth but to do so with patience and compassion.
Here is an exercise that I use to help support and facilitate this connection by using tantric breath and intention.
1.) Find a quiet space in solitude and place one hand over your heart.
2.) Close your eyes.
3.) Breathe in through the nose, drawing into the place that your hand is resting on over the heart. Draw the breath up the center of your body to the very top of your head. Breath in fully. Once you reach the top visualize bright white light, exhale and let your entire body feel relaxed.
4.) Repeat this process several times and remember to visualize the heart and mind connecting.
As we know, communication is a very personal thing. Continuous inner work and self-adjustment can lead to an easier flow of connections and problem-solving based on your authentic truth. I acknowledge that I do not mention the “listening” component in this blog. It IS equally as important than speaking and sharing. I will save that topic for another entry where I can fully focus on that, as I have done here.

Returning to Love During Lockdown: Couples Sessions

Return Love Couples sessions

Right now, as so many of us are social distancing and stuck in quarantine, there is a huge opportunity for your romantic relationship to blossom or fall apart.

The question we must ask ourselves is:

How do we emerge out of this period stronger, more in love, and more connected than ever as a couple?

After working with hundreds of couples around the globe I know the key to growing your relationship is to prioritize it and one another as you did during your honeymoon phase. And, you could absolutely use some support and gentle ass-kicking to stay focused on what really matters.

To make sure you seize this moment together, I created a new program called “Returning to Love During Lockdown”

Think of it like doing a couple’s retreat for your partnership… resulting in sacred intimacy tools to expand your connection and new ways of playing and falling in love with one another all over again… from the comfort of your own home.

In Returning to Love During Lockdown, you’ll learn:

  • High-level communication skills that will reignite the romantic spark in your relationship and invite you to fall in love all over again
  • Powerful sacred intimacy tools that will bring back the juice to your relationship
  • Connection tools so that you can avoid arguing and do real healing and growth-work together

I am not going to sugarcoat it: things are stressful right now. The pull to be on some media, excessively watch the news, or just lay around and do nothing is STRONG, I know.

And if you don’t have the push you need to change this (or the skillsets!), you can easily spend this precious time arguing bitterly, only focusing on what isn’t working, ignoring your partner, or worse… breaking up.

Returning to Love During Lockdown is that space to drop in with partner, turn your phones off, and turn your bodies and your hearts back on.

Schedule your consultation today! Find out booking information here.



Online Sessions for a New Day!

Online Sessions Intuitive Tantra

Online Sessions for a New Day!

The world we once knew has changed. How has it affected you? How will you respond? This is a new day and online sessions will keep you in the safety of your own home as you prepare to re-emerge into society.

Are you searching for the next steps in this new chapter of life? We will support your progress as you connect with a renewed and refreshed sense of personal growth through our online sessions.


Our gifted practitioners can connect with your energy no matter where you are.


Do you desire a compassionate heart-based connection? 

Are you looking for hope, in preparation for the life ahead of you? 

Are you seeking healing from emotional pain, loss or past traumas?

Do you and your spouse/partner/quarantine partner need mediation and support?

Would you like divine guidance through tarot readings when planning for the future?

Are you unsure of your direction?  Are you drowning in too many choices or struggling to find any choice at all?

Our professional guides and healers will make time for you.  You’re worth the time.  You’re worth the effort.  This world needs healing now. Sometimes all it takes is an ear to listen.


Tarot* Reiki *Coaching *Meditation *Compassion *Healing*Shamanism* Hypnotherapy plus much more!


Sessions tailored to fit your individual needs.


Schedule your consultation today!

“Nourish beginnings, let us nourish beginnings. Not all things are blest, but the seeds of all things are blest. The blessing is in the seed.” ~ Muriel Rukeyser

“Change can be scary, but you know what’s scarier? Allowing fear to stop you from growing, evolving, and progressing.” — Mandy Hale

“Each day is a new beginning, the chance to do with it what should be done and not to be seen as simply another day to put in time.” – Catherine Pulsifer

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