Reignite Your Passion

March 30, 2022
March 30, 2022 Lilith Firefly

Reignite Your Passion

For Married and Committed Couples Only.

Facilitated by Goddess Karina

Ready to juice up your committed partnership?
Any of the following sound familiar?

• The honeymoon has long since passed
• You’ve become a bit “full” of one another after being cooped up at home during the pandemic
• Maybe the kids have moved on, and you’re looking at one another wondering if it’s possible to reignite a spark that’s long since gone
• All the kind ways with which you treated one another the early days are no longer. Instead you’re bickering about the not so significant issues, and it’s wearing on you and your closest relationships and friends.  

If you answered with a resounding yes to any of the above, consider there might be steps you can take before the inevitable if left to your own….

As Albert Einstein said (also a phrase coined by Tony Robbins): 

“If you always do what you’ve always done, then you always get what you’ve always gotten”

Divorce is an extreme response and certainly not the best option unless you’re clear you’ve done everything possible. 

And one of the most important powerful steps you can take is to learn how to communicate directly and clearly with your partner with kindness. Yes, even the hard stuff. The stuff you’ve been too afraid to express. Such as telling the truth that you wish your partner would take better care of their body. Or that they’d consider having a better balance between work and play. Or perhaps you can no longer tolerate how much they are drinking or using another inebriant…

But before moving toward such a radical conclusion, how about doing everything you can possibly do to reignite your passion for one another? To get back in touch with why you came together in the first place? To take steps toward ironing out the creases and creating an irresistible partnership? Then if indeed you choose to part ways, you’ll do so KNOWING you’ve done everything possible.

Ready to juice up your partnership?

This is a participatory class, thus the more you choose to show up, the more results you’ll get. And, the only qualification is a deep desire to be in authentic communication with your partner. 

Change happens over time. 


This course will happen on Zoom over 4 weeks.

Mondays in May 5:30-7:30 PST, 8:30-10:30PST

Dates: May 2, 9, 16 and 23

Your investment is $397. per couple (averages less than $50 an hour for invaluable, tangible skillsets!). 

Payment plan available for 2 payments of $225 each.  

4 sessions = 
1- Getting current  — How to tap back into the love with The Appreciation Process™

2- Telling it like it is; how to express what does NOT work in a kind way

3- Juicy tips for the bedroom

4- Intentions for moving forward. You’ll each have the opportunity to fully express your gratitude for one another with all of us bearing witness. And, you will each your intentions for next steps.

In-person intimacy sessions are available for couples located in Southern California (others are free to fly in!) 

Reignite Passion Couples Workshop
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