Tantra Self-Healing Workshop

March 25, 2022
March 25, 2022 Lilith Firefly

Tantra Self-Healing Workshop

With Goddess Sasha

Hello beautiful souls, I want to welcome you to this self-love tantra workshop.

  • When: May 3, 2022
  • What time: 6:30pm
  • Where: Scottsdale, AZ Spiritually Bold Grounding Studio
  • Cost: $77
  • What to bring/wear: Wear something that you feel beautiful in and maybe a blanket for ending meditation.
  • How to purchase tickets: Please call (503) 432-0486 or email sasha.intuitive@gmail.com

This was created from my personal journey of self-love while I was coaching others through the art of tantra. I used these techniques on myself to fall madly deeply in love with me, upgrade my life, and heal from past trauma.

 We can’t fully love or be loved until we unconditionally love ourselves. Learn to communicate with the universe to live a magical life full of wonder and inspiration.

Notice how the world begins to respond to you when you honor yourself….. notice your relationships with others change. As you heal yourself, it creates a ripple to all of those near you.

Come dressed in what makes you feel beautiful. Come with your heart open. Come as you are. Come with your stories of what you’ve already overcome. Come to be witnessed as a divine being of light.

I look forward to holding space for all of you on this beautiful night. May this bless you on your path. May the divine feminine move through you.

Goddess Sasha is dedicated to facilitating healing and empowering opportunities to enhance and support your personal growth. She has a tantra/healing studio in Scottsdale Arizona. Enjoy a 1-1, couples and workshop sessions with her and experience her expertise and compassion for humankind. -Lilith, Booking Manager

In the entire universe, you play such a huge role. The self esteem and love you have for yourself is the only gift you need to give. It isn’t a selfish act to love yourself hard. Only you can love yourself to the fullest because you understand why every aspect of your life has happened. A self love deficit isn’t what will bring you joy. The wrong mental attitude can be devastating in the world. If you have true self esteem and high self love you can share that love with the world around you. To love oneself is to love the world and a person learns that only when they show themselves the kindness they deserve.” – Anonymous

“Healthy self-love means being gentle with the soul within you. To love oneself is the purest, bravest thing. Anybody in the entire world can experience self-love. Just do the simple acts of love for yourself, and then your authentic self begins.” – Anonymous

Intuitive Tantra Self-healing Workshop
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